Copy Service Forms and Locations

Forms on this page are for departmental use. Copier locations are indicated by location and type.

Copy Service Access Request - Complete this form to gain access to departmental accounts to which you will charge your copies/prints/scans. This form should be submitted only once for each person. Include additional departmental accounts in the Notes section.

Copy Service Removal Request - Complete this form to remove access to departmental accounts for an individual. This form should be submitted only once for each person.

Copy Service Request: Issues, Supplies & Moves - You may use this form to: report error codes (Please include the actual code shown on the device display screen), report paper jams, request toner, request staples, request cleaning, request general maintenance, request a copier move (Please allow two weeks). THIS REQUEST IS NOT TO BE USED FOR PAPER ORDERS.

Departmental Accounts & Reports - See departmental accounts and get reports in the PaperCut cost accounting utility. 

Copier Locations List - List indicates campus location, copier model, and color models.

See the FAQs below for how to's and troubleshooting.

I filled out the access form but when I swipe my personal Nautilus Card, I am asked to log in. Why?

The first time you swipe your personal Nautilus Card you will be asked to enter your Argonet Username and Password. After doing so, press "Set". This links your Nautilus Card and UWF ID# to your Argonet Username and Password (NOT a departmental or organization email but your personal email username) and allows you to charge to your personal Nautilus Card account or any departmental/organization account with which you are associated. (You should see a list with "Personal" at the top and other accounts listed below. "Personal" will show whether you have funds on your Nautilus Card or not but will not work if you don't have funds on your card.)

When I swipe my personal Nautilus Card, I get a "Card Association" screen that states, "This card is not known to the system. To associate your card with your account, enter your username and password." What should I do?

Enter your Argonet Username (not your entire email address, just your username). Enter your Argonet Password. Touch the "Set" button on the screen. The process associates your Nautilus Card with your Argonet credentials. You will then see the original start-up screen again.
Swipe your card again. You should then see a screen stating, "There are no print jobs awaiting release." and a button that says, "Use Copier Functions". Press this button to begin copying or scanning.

How do I run a copy service report for a specific account and period shown by user?

In PaperCut, click on the Reports link in the left navigation.
Now click Account in the top navigation.
Look for the "Shared Account Printing - User Summary" (7th item down in list)
Select ad-hoc
Click on type of report you want (PDF, HTML, Excel CSV). 
< This will take you to a new page. >
Select the date range you would like to see.
Enter the Shared Account Name (must be identical to the way it is named in PaperCut)
Click on the Run Report button at the bottom of the page.

I am attempting to scan a document to email to myself but it never gets to my computer. Why?

Gmail will only accommodate up to 25MB of data being sent via email. Your scanned documents may be larger. There are 2 other ways to get your scanned document to your computer:

  1. Scan to a USB. The copier will scan your documents in the format you select, probably PDF, to the USB Drive you plug in to the front of the copier.
  2. We can set you up for Scan to Drive, where you have a Folder on your H Drive or another shared drive that you want your scanned documents to go to. You will select this option in the Address Book of the Copier just as you would Scan to Email.
What is the best file type to print from?

PDF is the preferred file type to use when printing to a campus copier. It will offer you the most choices for customization of your job.

How long will a job be held in the print queue before it auto deletes?

Print jobs are held in queue for 4 hours. After 4 hours, they will be automatically deleted if they have not been released at a copier.

I don't have a "Follow Me Print" as an option for printing. What should I do?

The PaperCut Client and print drivers are necessary to be able to print. If you want to print but do not have the client and drivers, complete the Copy Service Access Form.

Our copier is out of toner or out of paper. Who do we contact?

Call Ext. 3012 or email for service issues.

Copy paper in letter, legal, and tabloid sizes may be ordered from the Auxiliary Services office. The cost of the paper is included in your cost-per-copy. Paper orders are placed on Tuesday afternoon and delivered on Wednesdays each week. To place an order, call Ext. 3012 or email

If I have problems or questions, who should I contact?

You may call or email Maera Bradberry at Ext. 6071 or