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Nautilus Card Contactless Technology Program

The Nautilus Card Office is phasing in a new card in an effort to move UWF toward safer, more efficient, technology.

About the Technology

Smart Cards: A Nautilus Card review committee made up of constituents from across campus recommended that UWF transition to "smart" cards. The new cards are multi-function, microprocessor-based smart cards that work by "tapping" the card close to a multipurpose reader. Ordering smart cards was an opportunity to update the design of the Nautilus Cards. The new cards continue to recognize identity and match individuals with access privileges to places such as residence halls and high-tech labs and also store value for use in business transactions such as dining and bookstore purchases. The program began during Summer 2015 orientation, and continued through fall semester. Incoming students, faculty and staff were issued updated Nautilus Cards equipped with both a mag stripe and a smart chip with antenna. The new cards can be used for access into buildings with new readers by “tapping” or having their Nautilus Card in close proximity to a multi-functional card reader.

Why Smart Cards?

  • Smart cards improve the convenience and security of any transaction.
  • They provide tamper-proof storage of user and account identity.
  • They are easier, more reliable, because of tapping instead of swiping.
  • There is reduced reader maintenance due to wear and tear, dirt, or damage to read heads.

Multipurpose Card Readers: The current door swipe readers will be replaced with multi-functional (mag stripe and contactless) readers in phases over the next few years. A pilot program was conducted in a few locations during Spring 2015 semester to test the functionality of the new readers. 

Why Multipurpose Card Readers?

  • They increase card readability.
  • They increase capabilities because they can be used in outdoor applications without issues from heat, rain, or humidity.
  • Multipurpose readers will be needed on campus until the mag stripe only cards are phased out.