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UWF Bookstore

The Bookstore is the official source for course materials and everything UWF.

Students can be assured that faculty-approved course materials are available.

What You Need, When You Need It

The official UWF Bookstore: We stock the largest selection of textbooks, course materials, and Argo Gear in Pensacola. Our primary purpose is making sure students have the required and/or recommended texts and course materials as specified by their professor. Books can be purchased new, used, or rented for the semester. They can also be physical books or electronic/digital books.

Order online or in person. UWF’s online registration system connects directly to the UWF Bookstore, allowing students to purchase or rent textbooks online immediately after registering for classes. The order can be shipped to the student's home or held at the store for pick up when the student arrives on campus.

Shop by Author in store. The course materials (textbooks) section of the UWF Bookstore is organized in alphabetical order by author. This makes it easier for students to find what they need, as all affordability options are located in the same place within the store. UWF Bookstore Shop By Author URL

Follett Access

Here’s how it works: All required course materials are provided to students on or before the first day of class. In most cases, materials are provided digitally inside the campus learning management system (LMS), offering students maximum convenience.

In addition to convenience, the program improves course material affordability. Students pay for the course materials via a course fee applied after the add drop period. If a student wishes not to participate, they can opt out of the program. The core mission is to ensure all students have the necessary resources to succeed in higher education from day one.

Additional Follett Access Information

Textbook Program - Financial Aid Deferment

If a student is receiving financial aid and has excess funds (after tuition and fees are paid), the Bookstore Deferment Program will allow the purchase of textbooks up to $800 before aid is disbursed. Students will receive notification, sent to their UWF email address, from the UWF Controller"s Office if they have excess financial aid funds that may be used. Students simply select their course materials then sign the bookstore receipt. This authorizes UWF to deduct the Bookstore charges from your financial aid and/or scholarship award. (If financial aid status changes, the student is responsible for purchases made under this program.)

Contact Us

UWF Bookstore

Michelle Bryant, UWF Bookstore Manager
Office: 850.474.3100