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Student Printing

UWF has 25 WEPA kiosks available for student printing. Just activate your account and print from any computer to any kiosk.

Business & Auxiliary Services photo of student printing at WEPA machine
WEPA printing kiosks use high-quality laser paper and high-definition ink.

How to activate a printing account

Your UWF WEPA account is linked to your Nautilus Card account, allowing you to swipe your card to identify yourself at kiosks and to pay with Nautilus Card funds. There are two ways to activate a student printing account:

  1. Use a lab computer to print a document using the pre-installed WEPA print drivers, or
  2. Sign in to using your full UWF email address and Argonet password. Follow the instructions to download a print driver to your computer, phone or tablet. Your account is activated and ready to use.

After getting your account activated, you will be able to login at any kiosk with your UWF email address and Argonet password or simply swipe your Nautilus Card to retrieve and print your documents.

About WEPA kiosk printing:

  • Kiosks are in 24 locations on the Pensacola campus and 1 in the FWB Library
  • Prints black/white and color copies; single or double-sided; 8.5X11
  • Kiosks use high-quality laser paper and high-definition ink
  • Cloud printing with touch-screen kiosks
  • Prints most Windows and MAC file types
  • Print from anywhere - home computer, laptop, or USB at a kiosk
  • Files remain available for 24 hours and are accessible at any kiosk on campus
  • For more information, refer to WEPA's User Guide.

Contact Us

Student Printing

Maera Bradberry, Associate Director
Office: 850.857.6071