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Business and Auxiliary Services

Students shopping in UWF Bookstore

Business and Auxiliary Services provides leadership, support and coordination to campus operations and associated areas ensuring high quality and cost effective services to the UWF community

Nautilus Card Entrance
Business and Auxiliary Services, Parking Services and Nautilus Card are located in Building 20W

Universities Mean Business

Every college is a little different, but daily activities for students, faculty and staff on most any campus involves parking a vehicle, ordering or buying course materials, gaining secure access to resources such as the library or gym, and probably having a meal or buying a snack. Other activities may include sending or receiving mail, making copies or scans, printing documents and properly keeping public records to comply with state regulations. These are the kinds of businesses that Business and Auxiliary Services operate at UWF.

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Argonaut Village

Argonaut Village Retail Development Site is a collection of retail shops located at the east entrance of campus and includes Starbucks, Hotworx, Herbal Nail and Spa and Eurasian Bistro. Business and Auxiliary Services provides management of the development in conjunction with UWF Business Enterprises, Inc. (BEI).