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UWF Trolley

UWF trolley service will resume at the beginning of the fall semester. Trolley service is not provided when classes are not in session.

The trolleys are a popular mode of transportation with resident students traveling to central campus.

Take a ride, no tickets or coins needed

Summer Trolley & Schedule – There is only one trolley that runs during the summer semester. This trolley runs the same schedule, Monday through Saturday, as the Express Trolley during other semesters. This trolley circulates to the Neighborhood Wal-Mart, Target/Publix Shopping Center, Argonaut Village Martin Hall, and the Trolley service is not provided on Sundays, during the breaks between semesters, or on holidays.   UWF Express and Summer Trolley Service

Fall and Spring Trolley Facts – Anyone on campus may ride the trolley as often as they like. There are 20+ official trolley stops but the trolley will generally stop when hailed. Four trolleys service the UWF campus during the Fall and Spring semesters. Monday through Friday, three circulate on campus and the Express Trolley circulates to the Neighborhood Wal-Mart, Target Shopping Center, and Argonaut Village. On Saturdays, one trolley serves the campus. Trolley service is not provided on Sundays, during the breaks between semesters, or on holidays.

Fall and Spring Trolley Schedule –   UWF Campus and Express Trolley Service

Weather and the Trolley – The UWF Trolley is operated under contract with Escambia County Area Transit (ECAT). In the event that a Tornado Warning is issued for Escambia County, the UWF trolley service, as well as other county vehicles, will be stopped until the Tornado Warning is lifted or severe weather has passed.

Tips for a Great Trip

  • At the trolley stop, allow 5 minutes before or after expected trolley departure time.
  • You may hail the trolley between stops, if necessary.
  • Wifi is available on the UWF Trolleys.
  • Be prepared for delays due to traffic, road construction or bad weather.
  • Report all safety hazards to the trolley operator.
  • Standing is permitted, sitting is safer.
  • Please don’t litter.
  • Shoes and shirts are required.
  • Please don’t distract the trolley operator.
  • No playing of radios, CD players or iPod type devices without earphones.
  • No weapons, pets, profanity or loud talking.
  • Guide dogs and service animals may accompany disabled passengers.
  • No open containers of food or drink.
  • Alcoholic beverages are not allowed and may not be consumed.
  • No flammable or explosive materials.
  • Thank you for not smoking.