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Nautilus Card FAQs

If your question is not one of the FAQs below, contact us for help.

No. Nautilus Cards may only be used by the card owner. Do not lend your card to anyone. Cards presented by someone other than the card owner will be held and turned in to the Nautilus Card Office, (Bldg. 20W).

If your card is lost or stolen, please contact the Nautilus Card Office immediately. Call 850.474.3324 or stop by the office. Office hours are Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. We will place a hold on your card until it is found or replaced. After regular business hours, please contact the University Police at 850.474.2415.

The University of West Florida is not responsible for cash balances of lost cards. The charge for a replacement card is $15.00.

Contact the Nautilus Card office at 850.474.3324 to change your Meal Plan. All students are allowed to make changes to their meal plans through the first two weeks after the start of classes or after they purchase the plan, whichever is later.

Yes. Student Mandatory Meal Plans, Voluntary Meal Plans and Block Plans are purchased and used on a per semester basis.

The plan you purchase is programmed into your Nautilus Card and swiping your card as you enter the Nautilus Market will give you access to your meals. Nautilus Card swipes for Meal/Block plans may be used in the Nautilus Market only. Student plans come with separate Dining Dollars programmed into the Nautilus Card that can be used at any UWF Dining Services location on campus.

Meal Plans run on a weekly basis starting on Sunday morning and ending Saturday evening. The weekly meal total resets each Sunday for the next week and runs throughout the semester. Unused meal swipes do not roll over to the next week. Dining Dollars roll fall to spring to summer and end at the end of summer semester.

Block Plans are purchased and used on a per semester basis. Unused meal swipes do not roll over to the next semester. Dining Dollars roll fall to spring to summer and end at the end of summer semester.

Keeping up with your Meal Plan or Block Plan balance is easy. Your balance is displayed at the cashier's station every time you make a purchase. Also, you can check your Meal Plan (or Block Plan) and Dining Dollars balance anytime via MyUWF > Nautilus Card Balance and Swipe History.

For more information about Meal Plans and Block Plans, visit the Dining Services website and select the "Meal Plans" tab. 

Once funds have been placed into your account, they may be withdrawn only by making purchases. You may not withdraw cash. If you have money in your Nautilus Card declining balance account at the end of the semester, it will be carried over into the next semester’s balance.

Yes. You may request, in writing, a refund of any balance remaining in your Nautilus Card declining balance accounts within six months after separation from the University. Any unclaimed balance after this time will be forfeited.

Do not lend your card to anyone. Don't place the card between your phone and wireless charger as it can destroy the card. Other safety tips include:

  • Keep your card in a safe place.
  • Do not punch a hole in your Nautilus Card. It could damage the security chip and antenna embedded in the card.
  • Scratches on the magnetic stripe can damage the card. Don't bend the card. Card readers can't read bent or cracked cards.
  • Keep the back of the card away from the back of other cards with magnetic stripes.
  • Keep your Nautilus Card away from magnetic fields such as cell phones or stereo speakers. 

The Nautilus Card office is not responsible for damaged or demagnetized cards. Replacement cards are $15.