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Trolley Shelter Program Cost and Artwork Specs

The UWF community prices below reflect the cost of printing and installation plus 10% for administration of the program.

Rates, Artwork and Reservations

2024 Trolley Shelter Inventory

2025 Trolley Shelter Inventory

Printing/Installation Cost: $130 per poster

  • $130 for 1 display of new poster design (1 shelter)
  • $260 for 2 displays of new poster designs (2 shelters, 1 per shelter)
  • $390 for 3 displays of new poster designs (3 shelters, 1 per shelter)
  • $520 for 4 displays of new poster designs (4 shelters maximum, 1 per shelter)
  • One month extension (if available) using previously printed artwork: $25 per display; $50 for 2 displays; $75 for 3 displays; $100 for 4 displays
  • UWF expenditure guidelines prohibit use of E&G funds for rental space, supplies, and services used to promote events. Fund sources from auxiliary, student activities, concessions, athletics and some grants are allowed.

Poster Artwork Specifications:

  • The quality of the artwork production supplied to Business and Auxiliary Services is the responsibility of the department or organization reserving the shelter display space.
  • Adobe Creative Suite is the recommended software for designing your poster. (Available in the John C. Pace Library)
  • Artwork should be a minimum of 200 dpi at exact poster size and saved as a PDF.
  • Fonts should be embedded, or text should be converted to outlines.
  • Poster Trim Size: 47-1/4" x 68-1/4"
    Set your document to this size with no bleed. This is the overall size of the poster being produced.
  • Visible Opening 45" x 66-1/4"
    This is the visible space of the transit shelter face. It takes the frame of the display case into account.
  • Full Safety Size 42-1/2" x 64-11/16"
    This is area in which you should contain all important text or logos to ensure they will be visible. Posters can shift inside the display cases.
  • Font size should be at least 288 pt.
  • The message and graphics should be easy to read and comprehend within five to ten seconds.

Download a copy of the Trolley Shelter Poster Specs (pdf).
For those who would like design assistance, please see the Templates web page of the Brand Portal.

Delivering Artwork: Save the finished artwork as a pdf and send to Maera Bradberry by the deadline date at 5pm. Files smaller than 16MB may be emailed to Files larger than 16MB can be saved to a thumb drive or sent to Maera Bradberry via Google Drive or a file transfer service such as Dropbox.

To Reserve Display Ad Space:

To reserve available display space, click the link below to the Reservation Form, complete and submit it. Business and Auxiliary Services will charge the UWF departmental or organizational account designated through an internal Journal Entry (JE) during the month the poster is displayed. If you have any questions, please contact Maera Bradberry, 850.857.6071.

Reserve Display Ad Space 

2024 Trolley Shelter Inventory

2025 Trolley Shelter Inventory