Parking FAQs

If your question is not answered below, please contact Parking Services.

Why do I have to buy a permit?

The parking program is an auxiliary unit, which means it is self-supporting. Revenues from parking permits and tickets are used for staffing, maintenance, improvements to existing lots as well as contributing to future parking lots.

The only exception to this requirement is persons with a handicap hangtag. They are not required to purchase a parking permit at UWF.

If I purchase my permit online, will I have to pay a convenience fee?

Yes, if you pay with a debit/credit card, there is a 2.75% convenience fee. No, if you pay with an E-check, there is no convenience fee.

I am only taking a night class. Do I still need a permit?

Yes. All students or employees who park on campus must register their vehicles and purchase and display a permit (decal or hangtag). This includes anyone on campus at night taking classes.

How is parking designated?

Parking is designated by signage. In each lot there are signs designating parking. Parking is further designated by permit color. For example, commuters are issued green permits and the signs designating commuter parking will have the words COMM in a black box.

Where is the best place to park?

While most people would like to park close to their destination, finding a space in some lots can be a challenge during peak hours. If you can't find a space that is conveniently close, go to one of the lots that contain spaces which are open to all permit holders. These are Lots J, L, M and Z. Lots J and L are between the tennis courts and the Center for Fine and Performing Arts and Lot Z is just south of Martin Hall. Remember to allow time for walking on busy days.

How much is the fine for a "parking out of zone" citation?

The fine for parking out of your designated user group zone is $25.00. The fine for parking in a reserved (numbered) space from 7:00am to 5:30pm, or a handicapped space 24/7, is $100.

My friend parked my car illegally and got a ticket. Who's responsible?

Permit holders will be held responsible for violations that are committed by other persons using the permit of the permit holder.