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Meal Plans

Mandatory and Voluntary Meal and Block Plans are available for UWF students living on and off campus

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Individual support and attention for students with food allergies or special diets is available.

How to purchase and begin using your Fall 2022 meal or block plan:

Fall mandatory meal plans will be available for payment after June 15. Pay on your UWF Account Balance using MyUWF and select the “CashNet - Pay Your Bills” app.

Fall voluntary meal & block plans go on sale after June 15. Pay using MyUWF and select the “Meal Plan Purchases & Nautilus Card Deposits” app or purchase at the Cashier’s Office with cash or check.

All Fall 2022 meal plans begin Friday, August 19, 2022 in conjunction with UWF housing move-in day. Classes begin Monday, August 22, 2022.

Meal plan swipes expire at the end of each semester. Dining Dollars may be used at any campus dining location and roll over from fall to spring to summer semester and expire at the end of the summer term.  

Mandatory Meal Plan Options

All First-Time-In-College (FTIC) Students living in University Housing are required to participate in the mandatory meal plan their first two semesters on campus (summer residence not included). FTIC students may choose either the Argo 10, Argo 15, Argo Unlimited or the Argo Unlimited Plus Meal Plan option during Housing sign-up. This requirement can apply to some Transfer Students.

*Note: A student’s status as FTIC is not the same as a classification indicating academic progress. Inquiries regarding the FTIC status should be directed to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions at 850.474.2230 or 

The second semester you will be issued the same meal that you began the first semester with if you are a mandatory meal plan student. 

Mandatory Meal Plans for FTIC resident students living on campus include the following:

  • Argo 10 - meals per week + $300 Dining Dollars $ 2,071
  • Argo 15 - meals per week + $300 Dining Dollars $ 2,302
  • Argo Unlimited - unlimited meals per week with $0 Dining Dollars $ 2,478*
  • Argo Unlimited Plus - unlimited meals per week with $300 Dining Dollars $ 2,694*

* Argo Unlimited and Argo Unlimited Plus do not include guest swipes or to-go meals.

Voluntary Meal Plan Options

Voluntary Meal Plan options available to all students as well as the Argo 10, 15, and Unlimited plans above include the following:

  • Block 50 - meals per semester + $100 Dining Dollars $ 583
  • Block 100 - meals per semester + $100 Dining Dollars $ 1,043
  • Argo $300 DD - $20 Bonus Dining Dollars + 5 Nautilus Market Swipes  $301 ($380 value)
  • Argo $500 DD - $30 Bonus Dining Dollars + 10 Nautilus Market Swipes $501 ($650 value)

If the mandatory meal plan is not required but you would like to purchase a meal plan, you may voluntarily purchase the meal/block plan of your choice online via MyUWF.

1. Log in to MyUWF

2. Search for “Meal Plan Purchases & Nautilus Card Deposits” app. 

3. Make a deposit to your Nautilus Card in the amount of the Meal Plan you wish to purchase (Cards accepted: MC, VISA, and Discover; Convenience fee of 2.5% incurred). E-Checks are also accepted ($1.49 transaction fee applies).

4. Purchase your Meal Plan using your Nautilus Card.

Check out the complete instructions for purchasing your meal or block plan online.

Meal Plan Selection/Guidelines

  • All students will be allowed to make changes to their meal plans through the first two weeks after the start of classes or after they purchase the plan, whichever is later.
  • Voluntary meal plans must be paid before the meal plan will be issued. If you wish to purchase a meal plan using excess Financial Aid funds, please complete the Request for Voluntary Meal Plan via Excess Financial Aid form via MyUWF > Voluntary Meal Plan.
  • If meal plans are suspended for non-payment, no credit will be given for meals missed during the suspension.

Meal Periods: There are three meal periods per day Monday through Friday and two meal periods per day Saturday and Sunday. You may use one meal off of your meal plan during each meal period. Meal periods do not apply to block plan holders or the Argo Unlimited Meal Plans. If you want to come back to the Nautilus Market more than once in a given meal period, you may use your Dining Dollars, funds in your Nautilus Card declining balance account, cash, or debit/credit card to pay for the second visit. 

To-go in the Nautilus Market: To-go options are provided, free of charge with a meal plan (excluding the Argo Unlimited meal plans). 

Special Dietary Needs

If you have special dietary needs, such as Celiac Disease, please contact the Director of Dining Services to discuss the dining options available to accommodate your needs.