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Nautilus Card for Students

A Nautilus Card is a student's ticket to access events and services, use as a UWF library card, and make purchases on campus.

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From athletic games to theatre performances, students use their Nautilus Card to open the door to the full UWF experience.

Count the ways to use your Nautilus Card

Students must be currently registered for classes at the University of West Florida in order to receive or use a Nautilus Card. Nautilus Cards may only be used by the card owner. Cards presented by someone other than the owner will be held and turned in to the Nautilus Card Office.

Examples of how students use their Nautilus Card include: 

Access – With the official I.D. Card, students can use the resources in the Library, attend special guest lectures, athletic games, cultural events such as musical theatre or symphonic band concerts, use the HLS Facility, Aquatic Center, enter high tech labs and residence halls. The Nautilus Card also provides access to student activities such as movies, rock concerts, comedians, etc. Other miscellaneous benefits include access to the Local Area Network, and two ECAT bus passes per day, if needed to attend class.

Nautilus Card Declining Balance Account – Deposit money into this account and use your card to make purchases at any location on campus connected to the Nautilus Card system such as Dining Services locations, Bookstore, Postal Services, copiers, printing kiosks, vending machines and residence hall laundry machines. Visit the "How to Add Funds" web page.

Account Balance – Your balance will be shown on the card reader each time you use your card to make a purchase. Your account information is also available online via MyUWF. Search for "Nautilus Card Balance and Swipe History". This will allow you to view your card balances (both general and Dining Dollars), card swipe history (both financial and access) and meal plan information.

First-Time-In-College Mandatory Meal Plans – All FTIC students living in University housing are required to participate in the mandatory meal plan their first two semesters on campus (summer residence not included). There are 4 meal plans available for mandatory participants - the 12, 15, or one of two Unlimited meal plan options. Meal plan selections are made when students sign up for their first semester of housing. The second semester, the plan will default to the plan selected at the beginning of the first semester. Students are allowed to switch their choice within the first two weeks of a semester by contacting the Nautilus Card Office. Visit the Meal Plans web page on the Dining Services website for more details on meal plans.

Voluntary Meal Plans or Block Plans – Non-FTIC resident or commuter students may purchase a meal plan or block plan of their choice. Visit the Meal Plans web page on the Dining Services website for details.

Dining Dollars - Dining Dollars come with Meal and Block Plans and are only good for one semester. Dining Dollars may only be used in Dining Service locations.Dining Dollars roll fall to spring to summer and end at the end of summer semester. If you need additional Dining Dollars, you may add funds to your Nautilus Card Declining Balance account. These funds will roll over from term to term as long as you are a UWF student and may be used in Dining Services locations as well as other locations on campus that accept the Nautilus Card. Visit the "How to Add Funds" web page.

Meal Plan Changes – If you want to change your meal plan, contact the Nautilus Card Office during the first two weeks of classes for the semester.

If you have questions concerning this process, please contact the Nautilus Card Office at (850) 474-3324 or email