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Postal Services for UWF Departments

Services provided include campus mail, preparing and processing business mailings, courier service, training classes and more.

Postal Worker
The morning mail pick up begins at 10am during the fall and spring and at 9am during summer semester.

Campus Mail System

Campus or interdepartmental/interoffice mail service is provided free of charge to the main University campus once each workday to most locations. The UWF Courier provides a regular route to off-campus locations. Campus Mail, as well as First-Class and Express Mail, is assigned the highest priority in sorting and delivery. Campus Mail must be placed at mail stop locations and areas designated for this purpose in each department /building.  All mail will be picked up and delivered at these same locations.

  • Campus mail should be addressed as follows: 
  • Name of Addressee
  • Office / Department Name
  • Building Number (Room number is optional)

Mail must be separated clearly by category – Mail to be processed and metered by UWF Postal Services; bulk mail; campus mail; resident student mail; mail for the UWF courier; and personal stamped U.S. Postal Service mail. International mail should be separated from the domestic mail. 

Supplies and large mailings – UWF mailers should call 474-6208 if extra containers or postal supplies are needed. They should also call in advance to warn UWF Postal Services if larger than normal volumes or big mailings requiring carts/dollies will be needed. 

Postal Forms, Links and Charges

For the convenience of departments, postage for UWF business mail is handled by internal charge. Forms and monthly charges may be accessed through MyUWF. Visit Confluence for a step-by-step guide on How to View Monthly Postal Charges. Search for the Postal Service Forms app.

UWF Mail Guide Information

For UWF employees who are responsible for coordinating mailings for your department or college, it is highly recommended that you review the entire Postal and Passport Services section within the UWF Public Knowledge Base and refer to it often.