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Procedures for Using Approved Caterers

When working with an outside caterer, ensure that they have been approved and all procedures are followed.

Procedures for Using Approved Caterers Flyer (pdf; use to print)
Catering Checklist (pdf; use for reference/print)

Non-exclusive Catering is available on the UWF Pensacola main campus. Members of the university community may select the caterer of their choice from an Approved Caterer list or may use Aramark's Classic Fare Catering services. See the Approved Caterers List. The Office of Business and Auxiliary Services is responsible for maintaining the records of approved caterers. Approved Caterers must apply in order to provide catering services.

Definition of Catering at UWF

Catering is defined as the provision of food service by a commercial operation, which includes the activities of set-up, serving, and removal of food service. Catering is defined by the services performed, not by the type(s) of food provided.

Related Notes:

1) For internal events such as office parties, departmental birthday parties, and other similar functions, food may be prepared by individuals and brought from home.

2) Outside parties who hold events on campus must use an Approved Caterer or Approved Food Provider.

3) Catering does not include “to go” orders that are picked up from local businesses.

The University’s Dining Services Contractor, Aramark, is available to provide catering services. However, Approved Caterers may be used if they have registered with Office of Business and Auxiliary Services and meet the following requirements:


Any business or individual providing catering services on the UWF main campus must meet the requirements identified in the University's Catering Policy FIN-07.02-12/16, which includes the following:

  • A current State of Florida Division of Hotels and Restaurants license
  • A current State of Florida Division of Alcoholic Beverages & Tobacco license
  • A current Escambia County BTR license
  • A current City of Pensacola BTR license (if business is located in the City of Pensacola limits)

Information about BTRs:

Businesses located in Escambia County (whether inside or outside the city limits) need an Escambia County BTR obtained from the tax collector.

Businesses located within the City of Pensacola limits require a city BTR as well as an Escambia County BTR. If the nature of the business takes owners or employees inside the city limits to conduct business, even though the business establishment is in the county, it may be necessary to obtain a city BTR also. 

  • Certificate(s) of Insurance evidencing the following insurance coverage: 
Insurance Coverage Levels Required
InsuranceEvent of 50 or Fewer PeopleMore than 50 People

Worker's Compensation Minimum

Statutory Minimum Statutory

General Liability

$500,000 Minimum $1,000,000 Minimum

Food Product Liability

$500,000 Minimum $500,000

Automotive Liability

Statutory Minimum Statutory Minimum
  • All employees of the caterer must comply with Health Department regulations and possess all required health certificates.
  • All employees of the caterer must comply with any applicable university food safety policies and University alcohol regulation policy (UWF/REG-5.017 Alcoholic Beverages on Campus PropertySA-33.02-08/13 Alcohol Marketing Guidelines). If alcohol is to be served, the caterer must be the provider and must be licensed to do so for the location at which the event is to be held. Approved caterers may not serve alcohol in the University Commons/Conference Center, Building 22.  
  • Caterers must submit a completed Caterer Registration Form, which is available online and via email from the Office of Business and Auxiliary Services.
  • Caterers must register as a vendor through UWF Procurement & Contracts by completing the Vendor Registration.

General Information

Approved Caterers will be considered approved for as long as the documents provided in the registration process remain current. Caterers may retain their approved status if updated documentation is provided. Approved Caterers do not need approval for each event.

All areas of the University are open to Approved Caterers including the University Commons/Conference Center, Building 22; however, facilities, which are operated and maintained by Aramark, may not be used by outside caterers. This includes all kitchens and catering/prep kitchenAdditionally, approved (outside) Caterers may not serve alcohol in the University Commons/Conference Center, Building 22.

The University's current dining services provider, Aramark, is considered an Approved Caterer per contract between Aramark and the University/BEI. 

The firm also agrees to comply with the University's exclusive beverage contract. Coca-Cola currently has the exclusive right to provide Coca-Cola beverage products for campus catering events.

Does your business have a contract that UWF needs to sign? Not all businesses will have a contract. However, if your business/franchise has a contract that UWF needs to sign in order to conduct business with you, please attach it along with your other documents on the Caterer Registration Form. Be advised that approval of your business as a UWF Approved Caterer or Food Provider will be suspended until the contract has been negotiated, edited and signed by both entities.

Non-exclusive Catering Contact: Maera Bradberry, Business and Auxiliary Services, 850.857.6071,