Tips on Doing Business with UWF

  • Complete the Vendor On-Line Registration process
  • Read solicitation documents thoroughly and follow all instructions and conditions. Failure to do so could result in rejection of your bid.
  • Be sure when responding to a solicitation that your response is received before the specified closing time. Responses arriving even one minute late cannot be considered.
  • Follow up on submitted solicitation responses by going to ; contact UWF in writing, find out who won the award and at what price. Note: When submitting solicitation responses, if you will include a self-addressed, stamped envelope we will send you a copy of the tabulation sheet.
  • Get to know the purchasing needs of UWF. Follow bid advertisements on UWF's Open Bids and Proposals web page.
  • Having a good reputation for service and reliability will assist you in doing business with UWF.
  • Ask questions.