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Conferences and Workshops

Purpose and Scope: To ensure that justification showing reasonable attempts have been made to secure space at no charge before renting a facility. There are many facilities made available at no charge to the University. If a grant is being used it must also be demonstrated, that authorization has been given by the grantor to pay for the rental of such facilities, along with a clearly stated purpose. Food can only be purchased using a Grant or Foundation fund that is specified and earmarked for that type of purchase.

UWF/REG-6.0055(s) – Exempt from Competition: Programs, conferences, or events that have been specified by a grant, can include, but are not limited to items such as lodging, meeting rooms, services, and food.


Requestor will:

  1. provide justification indicating that reasonable attempts to secure space at other government entities at no charge were made and why the facilities were unavailable;
  2. provide the grant page(s) that would provide authorization for the meeting room rental and the purchase of food and refreshments;
  3. submit a Banner requisition when the PCard cannot be used;
  4. obtain 2 quotes from 2 different vendors when over $10,000 and not specified in the grant;
  5. send the original unsigned contract to or through campus mail to Building 90 with the requisition # referenced, when a signed contract is required by the Vendor.

Buyer will:

  1. review justification;
  2. review if exempt and rental and food are covered in the grant;
  3. review quotes if rental and food are not covered in the grant;
  4. review contract and highlight areas of concern for discussion with the Procurement Manager;
  5. discuss purchase and contract with the Procurement Manager;
  6. after the contract is approved; if the Vendor has not signed the contract, send the contract to the Vendor for signature;
  7. upon receipt of the signed contract from the Vendor, obtain the Procurement Manager’s signature;
  8. make a copy of the fully executed contract;
  9. process the requisition into a purchase order;
  10. Delivery date is the beginning date of the service
  11. Ship to: 91 (NA)
  12. Terms: 30 Net
  13. FOB: 05 (NA)
  14. Commodity Code: 00097165 - Rental of Facility
  15. Document Text:
    1. TY000004: when less than $10,000 and not exempt in grant
    2. TY000005: when more than $10,000 and not exempt in grant
    3. TY000007: when purchase is exempt
    4. Clause SA000007 – fees collected, if applicable
    5. Clause 00000240 – covers only items listed, no alcoholic beverages, etc.
  16. Item Text: Description of service to include name of event, date of service and description;
  17. Print and email or fax the purchase order and 1 copy of the contract to the vendor;
  18. Scan all attachments and post to the applicable purchase order in Banner reports.