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Charter Transportation

To ensure the health and well-being of the players and staff, the contracted company shall comply with the following
criteria for all trips:

  1. Carrier must have a ‘Satisfactory’ safety rating by the USDOT.
  2. Driver must meet all licensing requirements to operate a charter vehicle.
  3. Vehicles must meet all state and federal transportation guidelines.
  4. The chartered vehicle(s) must accommodate the required number of passengers.
  5. The driver must be available for interim destination(s) at each locale as needed to provide transportation to
    games, practices, and meals.
  6. Departure and return times are approximate and may be delayed due to games running into overtime or other
    circumstances beyond the control of UWF staff.
  7. The driver shall be familiar with the shortest and most efficient route to primary destinations including the 
    location of game site(s) and lodging.
  8. Bathroom facilities must be provided and in good working condition.
  9. Heat and air conditioning must be in good working order.
  10. VCR and monitors must be in good working order.
  11. UWF personnel must be given every opportunity to inspect and approve each bus prior to its use before each trip
    up to and including transporting the vehicle to campus facilities. UWF reserves the right to solely determine
    the acceptability of the vehicle.
  12. The chartered vehicle must be clean, in good working condition, comfortable, and reliable. Due to the demands of tight scheduling, the Carrier must furnish a peak-performing vehicle(s) to properly accommodate the passengers.
  13. If the service provided does not meet these special terms and conditions, a discounted billing adjustment will be applied to the total trip cost.
  14. INSURANCE: Within 5 days after the apparent awardee is notified, the Carrier must provide an original ACORD Certificate of Proof of Insurance in effect, for General Liability, Vehicle Liability, and Workers’ Compensation naming the University of West Florida Board of Trustees as the certificate holder and additional insured.
    1. WORKMAN’S COMPENSATION INSURANCE: The Contractor shall submit written evidence that the Contractor and all subcontractors have obtained for the period of the contract full Workman’s Compensation Insurance coverage for all persons whom they employ or may employ in carrying out the work under this contract. The insurance shall be in strict accordance with the requirements of the most current and applicable state Workmen’s Compensation Insurance laws.
    2. COMPREHENSIVE GENERAL LIABILITY INSURANCE: The Contractor shall submit written evidence that the contractor and all subcontractors have obtained for the period of the Contract, full Comprehensive General Liability Insurance coverage for $1,000,000 minimum. This coverage shall provide for both bodily injury and property damage.
      1. Bodily Injury portion shall include coverage for injury, sickness, and death arising directly or indirectly out of, or in connection with, the performance or work under this contract, and shall provide for damages arising out of bodily injury, sickness, or disease or death in any one occurrence.
      2. Property Damage portion will provide for damages arising out of injury to or destruction of property of others arising directly or indirectly out of or in connection with the performance or work under this contract and any one occurrence including explosion, collapse, and underground exposure.