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Vendors Guide

Welcome To Procurement And Contracts Vendor Guide

We hope our Vendor Guide serves as a convenient source of information for our existing and potential strategic partners and contractors. Procurement and Contracts is located in Building 90, Room 121. To ensure prompt service, we recommend emailing us at or call ahead to set an appointment.

Important Note To Vendors

No goods are to be shipped or services performed without an official UWF Purchase Order that has an authorized signature or Procurement Card (PCard).  CODs will not be accepted. Contact the Office of Procurement and Contracts with any concerns.

IRS W-9 Form: 
All vendors should provide the IRS W-9 Form with a revision date of March 2024, which can be found in the upper left-hand margin of the form.

Purpose of This Service Guide

  • To Acquaint Prospective Vendors with the Many Selling Opportunities that Exist with the University of West Florida
  • To Describe Basic Procedures and Requirements for Doing Business with The University of West Florida
  • To Promote Good Purchasing-Sales Relationships
  • To Make More Efficient Use of Both Vendor's and Buyer's Time


Agreement Between Owner and Professional (CM At Risk Projects)

Agreement For Construction Management Services

Capital Projects Workshop

Commercial Solicitation

Consultant Contract (Sample)

Department of Management Services Professional Services Guide

Federally Funded Addendum

FEMA Public Assistance Program

Florida Procurement Technical Assistance Centers

Fraudulent Purchase Order Attempts

Purchase Order Terms and Conditions

Minimum Insurance Requirements 

Affiliated Chapter for UWF Procurement Team and Community Involvement:

Procedures to Identify and Manage Environmental Issues

Project Payment Request Forms and Instructions

Public Surplus - Auctions

For list of all open solicitations, public meetings and Sole Source Affidavits

Suspended Vendor List

 The On-Line Registration process is required to do business with UWF.

We look forward to doing business with you. We are interested in your thoughts and concerns about the UWF procurement process. Please feel free to submit your questions at