A subscription can be purchased if it serves a bona fide business or educational need.

Subscriptions should be mailed to a campus address. If the subscription is not delivered to a campus address, requestor should attach to the PCard receipt or Direct Pay Request Form : an explanation of the relationship to the University; and, why subscription is being shipped to an off-campus address.


Subscriptions and/or renewals can be paid one of two ways: by using your PCard (the fastest way); or, by a Direct Pay Request


All "receipt documentation" must be forwarded to either the Account or Business Manager immediately after the payment of subscription. Use the Cardholder's Checklist for assistance and to avoid audit findings. A "receipt" could be any one of the following: a. completed Subscription/Renewal Form; b. faxed receipts; or, c. internet order form.


Renewal Dates: Please be sure to track all of your department's subscription expiration dates so you will be aware of when renewal should take place to avoid any interruption of service.

Advance Payments

Advance payments may be made under Section 215.422(14), Florida Statutes, in accordance with the following:

Advance payment may be made for maintenance agreements, software license agreements, subscriptions, and other purchases which meet one of the following criteria:

  • Advance payment will result in a savings to the State, which is equal to or greater than the amount the State would earn by investing the funds and paying in arrears.
  • The goods or services are essential to the operation of a State agency and are available only if advanced payment is made.