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Processing Requisitions on Foundation Funds

Purpose and Scope: Procedure to clarify the process of submitting a Banner Requisition utilizing Foundation Funds. Foundation Office Policy: Only individuals in the Foundation office will have security to Foundation INDEX/FUND/ORGN.


BEFORE the Requestor begins keying in the Banner Requisition:

  1. The Requestor will complete a Foundation Funds Request for the Foundation Office, requesting the authorization to use Foundation funds and the dollar amount required for the purchase.
  2. The Foundation Office will reply to the Requestor Service Desks/Jira Ticket with an “Approved” or “Disapproved” statement and the Index, Fund, and Orgn codes to be used by Procurement & Contracts when the PO is entered.

AFTER the Requestor receives the Foundation Funds Request response from the Foundation Office approving the request:

  1. The Requestor will enter the Requisition in Banner, applying the Requestor’s departmental INDEX/FUND/ORGN numbers.

IMPORTANT NOTE: To ensure that the Procurement & Contracts Buyer is aware Foundation funds are to be used with this Requisition, the Requestor will type a short statement in the Requisition’s “Document Text”. For example: “Foundation funds to be used for this purchase – Index Code **** - Service Desks/Jira Ticket ***-**** approval from Foundation obtained and forwarded to Procurement & Contracts on 03/09/2021.

AFTER Banner generates a Requisition Number:

  1. The Requestor will forward the Foundation’s Service Desks/Jira Ticket approval identified with the Requisition number in the “Subject Line” to Procurement & Contracts ( Notify the Requisition Approver (if applicable) to ensure that he/she does not disapprove the Requisition.
  2. IMPORTANT NOTE: When the Requestor forwards the Foundation’s Service Desks/Jira Ticket approval to Procurement & Contracts, the Requestor will need to also copy/cc all of the following individuals:
    1. E. Jan Butts ( Foundation Office (so they can get the Requisition number)

    If the Requestor does not copy/cc the Budgets Office, and the Requestor’s departmental INDEX/FUND/ORGN lacks budget to cover the amount of the Requisition, the Budget Office will disapprove the Requisition.

  3. The Requestor will forward a copy of any documentation (i.e. invoice) to the Foundation Office for auditing purposes. Original documentation such as quotes continue to be forwarded to the Procurement & Contracts Office. Original invoices continue to be forwarded to the Controller's Office.

AFTER Procurement & Contracts receives the Requisition and the Foundation’s approval Service Desks/Jira Ticket approval forwarded by the Requestor:

  1. The Buyer in Procurement & Contracts will make the changes to the INDEX/FUND/ORGN on the Banner Purchase Order.