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Welcome to Procurement and Contracts!

We hope that our web site serves as a convenient source of information for the UWF community, existing and potential strategic partners and contractors. Procurement and Contracts is now located in Building 90, Room 121.

Important Note to Vendors

No merchandise may be shipped nor any service performed without an official UWF Purchase Order that has an authorized signature OR Procurement Card (PCard) number. Telephone orders require a UWF Purchase Order unless the UWF PCard is being used. No COD's will be accepted. Please contact the office of Procurement and Contracts with any concerns.

Visiting UWF
UWF's goal is to reduce the number of people on campus-including visitors, vendors, and volunteers-in order to slow the potential transmission of the COVID-19 virus and protect vulnerable populations from exposure.  All members of the UWF community are asked to help in this effort.

Fraudulent Purchase Order Attempts - (see link)


IRS W-9 Form Revised:  The IRS has revised the W-9 Form.  When setting up new vendors or updating current vendors, you should ask the vendor to provide the IRS W-9 Form with a revision date of October 2018 which can be found in the upper left hand margin of the form.  The form can be found on the IRS site at

Departmental News

2021/2022 Year End Deadlines Memorandum