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Banner On-Line Financial Transaction Approvals

This document last updated: 11/25/2020

Only two system approvals are required for all Requisitions, Budget Transfers and other financial transactions. Any other approvals required within departments or divisions will be addressed by departmental policy and achieved manually via email, etc.

This approval procedure will:

  • foster accountability at the operational level;
  • streamline the process; and,
  • alleviate the potential for congesting UWF’s automated financial system.

The initial approval is an implicit approval by the individual who has been granted authorization to initiate the transaction. The second and final approval must be by an Associate/Assistant Vice President, Dean, Director, or their designee. Designee cannot be Requisition initiator.

Transactions related to sponsored research require approval by the Principal Investigator (P.I.) and review by the Office of Research and Graduate Studies. The system will automatically route these transactions as appropriate to the Office of Research and Graduate Studies following the final approval by the P.I.

Additional manual approvals are required for specific categories of items per the Reference Guide for State Expenditures. For these purchases, approvals must be obtained prior to final “electronic” approval via email or other mechanism outside the automated financial system and must be retained in the department for audit purposes. These additional approvals may be revised from time to time. Revisions will be announced and an up-to-date list of additional required approvals will be maintained on the website of Procurement and Contracts.

It is the department’s responsibility to obtain and retain all required written approvals. The written approval can be in the form of a printed email, a memorandum, or a faxed document.

Important: Final “electronic” approval certifies that all required written approvals have been obtained and are on file in the requisitioning department. The written approval should reference the corresponding Banner Requisition Number.