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Vendor Online Registration

Please Print and/or Read This Entire Page Before Continuing. A Help document is provided that includes step-by-step instructions for entering/processing your vendor registration.

Attention: If You Are a UWF Student: This page is for external Vendor User Only. Go to Procurement's Internal Web Page for Student Vendors instructions and registration.

Welcome to The University of West Florida's (UWF) Online Vendor Registration. Completion of this online registration process is required to do business with UWF. Per Federal Tax Law, UWF must be able to determine the vendor's type of business before invoices can be paid in full. Failure to submit a vendor registration could affect payments from UWF, i.e. deduction of withholding amounts from your invoice.

In the absence of an FEI/TIN, a Social Security Number (SSN) is required to enable UWF to comply with IRS Regulations regarding the issuance of Form 1099 for reporting Miscellaneous Revenue. Print out a copy of this page and keep it for your records, since it constitutes a written statement of UWF's reason for requiring your FEI/TIN or SSN.

For those entities that must use an SSN, note that the SSN will be protected and your registration will be assigned an ID Number. For your protection and privacy, your SSN will not be viewable to the campus community or the public.

Important Link: 

‌‌Statement on the Collection and Use of Social Security Numbers‌ (Sec. 6109, I.R.C.; Sec. 119.071(5)(a)(2)(a)(II), FS)

Important Note to Vendors Regarding the Commodity Code and Email Address: 

Although completion of Part 2 is not required to complete the registration process, you must select all the applicable Commodity or Service Codes to appropriately identify the services and/or commodities you provide. A vendor must be registered with assigned Commodity or Service Codes through BidNet.  All solicitations and public notices will be posted to the UWF BidNet page. For more details, see the Procurement Open Solicitation and Public Notices web page for available solicitations.

If you do not see the Commodity or Service Code that applies, email to have that particular Commodity or Service Code(s) added to your vendor information in our database. Include in your email:

  • your complete business name; and,
  • Tax ID Number (FEI/TIN/SSN).

All solicitations and public notices will be posted to the UWF BidNet page. For more details, see the web page for available solicitations.

When entering your information:

  • Do NOT type name (business or individual) in all caps.
  • Do NOT use punctuation or
    symbols, i.e. commas (,) periods (.) number (#), and (&).
  • Abbreviate when possible:
    Street-St, Boulevard-Blvd, Court-Ct, Cove-Cv, Parkway-Pkwy

Attention Foreign Vendors:

You Must Also FAX (850-474-2090) or email ( your IRS W-8 Form to The University of West Florida.

All W-8 Forms and instructions can be downloaded from the IRS site: IRS Forms and Instructions (W-8 Forms)

To access Vendor Registration click "VENDOR REGISTRATION" at - bottom of this page.

Allow 48-72 Business Hours For Procurement To Process Your Vendor Registration.


The external Vendor Registration Page is for external vendors Only.
External refers to businesses or persons that are not part of or logged onto the UWF Network.