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Virtual Permits

Learn more about UWF's upcoming transition to LPR (License Plate Recognition) and VPS (Virtual Permit System)

UWF PATS will move to an LPR (License Plate Recognition) and VPS (Virtual Permit System) as our primary tool to better administer the parking rules and regulations. LPR and VPS are not the same thing! LPR is the enforcement tool, and it will be utilized first. We will use License Plate Recognition tools to identify if license plates belong to a valid account. VPS is the registration system which will come later. Under VPS, your license plate serves as your permit.  Plate information is entered by you into the system and no tangible permit is needed.  The user can enter several plates, however only one plate can be on campus at a time.


  • No need for a physical permit once we reach the VPS stage. Your plate is your permit!
  • No concerns over lost/missing permits.
  • Customer doesn’t have to worry about forgetting hangtag/hangtag falling off/hangtag being lost or stolen.

Anticipated Timeline


2023/2024 ACADEMIC YEAR 

SUMMER 2023: LPR equipment will be delivered and installed.  Once it is installed, PATS will geocode the parking lots.  At that point, LPR will be tested in conjunction with verifying permits for enforcement.

FALL 2023 / SPRING 2024:  LPR equipment will continue to be utilized as an enforcement tool. During this time, regulations will be amended to disallow back in parking. Once these regulations pass, we will inform the campus community and begin a transition period as everyone becomes familiar with the new rule.


This academic year will be the final one with physical permits being enforced with LPR as we all prepare for the transition to VPS, making the system entirely virtual.


SUMMER 2025: Prepare for VPS Launch

FALL 2025: No more physical permits! With VPS now launched, your license plate is your permit.


Frequently Asked Questions

License Plate Recognition, or LPR,  is a technology that uses cameras installed on a patrol vehicle to better administer the parking rules and regulations. This system increases efficiency and reduces the amount of plastic and paper generated by the department.

In a Virtual Permit System your license plate is your permit. No tangible permit will be issued. You will still park in your designated area but you will not need to display a parking permit once you have registered your plates in the system.

The only change will be that your plate is now your permit. Users will still log into the Parking Portal to purchase a permit, but the plate will serve as the permit. Users will be able to register up to three (3) plates, however only one plate can be on campus at a time. The only change will be a modification to the parking regulations to prohibit backed in or nose in parking.