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Special Event/Conference Parking

Parking Services is here to help your UWF event run smoothly, from arrival to departure.

Early planning makes for great events

UWF Event Coordinators – Whether it’s a small or large event, Parking Services wants to work with you to allocate the best available parking that is most convenient for your guests. 

Contact us early. We request a minimum of three weeks prior to the event start date. The event coordinator should complete the Event Parking Permit Form. Once we have your details, the coordinator will receive a link and further instructions. The link can then be shared with event attendees/participants where they may register their vehicle. Event permits are electronic (nothing to print or display) and are assigned to vehicle license plates. 

  • Event Permits may not be issued to UWF employees or students, i.e. Event Permits may not be issued to vehicles registered to a current University of West Florida parking permit.
  • If a guest does not know the license plate to register because they are using a rental car or will be borrowing a vehicle OR they registered for the event late, will need to stop at the Visitors Center to obtain a Visitor Hangtag.
  • Single-day events with less than 5 attendees, and occurring during regular business hours Monday through Friday, should have guests stop at the Visitors Center to obtain a Visitor Hangtag.

To learn more or share this information with others, please utilize our Plan Before You Park Instructions (PDF).

Bus Parking – Parking Services is happy to provide event parking hangtags for buses along with a map indicating appropriate loading/unloading and parking areas for buses. However, because most UWF lots are not designed to accommodate the length of buses and because of safety concerns regarding obstructing visibility, a set of rules has been established specifically for parking buses on campus. Not following these rules can result in a parking citation.

  • Arrangements for bus load/unload locations must be made prior to arriving on campus.
  • Buses do not need to register but MUST park in LOT B ONLY, the designated area for bus parking. Buses must park in the back section of Lot B and allow for bus maneuverability. Lot B can accommodate approximately 6 full-size buses.
  • Standing, staging, or parking a bus is not permitted in any area other than those designated for bus parking and bus load/unloading.
  • Buses do not have the authorization to access pedestrian pathways (drive on sidewalks). The only exception to this is for the purpose of transporting persons with disabilities.

Bus Parking and the UWF Trolley – Because bus parking is not always as close to an event as a loading/unloading area, we suggest that bus drivers plan ahead to take a trolley from the parking location. If there is only one driver/chaperone, perhaps the bus should be parked and all attendees walk together or take a trolley to the event location.

For questions about Event Parking, contact Kerrie Brock, Office Administrator, Parking & Transportation Services, at 850.857.6406.