The 2015 Nautilus Card Design

The new Nautilus Card design is being phased-in as new students, faculty and staff enter the UWF community.

The 2015 Nautilus Card design will replace the current shell design as new cards are made or replaced.

About the New Card Design

The new card is designed to be functional with the current card-making equipment; to avoid placing photos where the chip will be located; and to accommodate short or long names.  From a branding perspective, the cards are designed to enrich UWF tradition, reflect school spirit with a dominant athletic mark.

New Nautilus Card Design Considerations

  • Last update was in 2007
  • Is the 4th design in UWF history
  • Must comply with current UWF brand guide for logos and colors
  • Includes an Athletic mark but keeps “Nautilus Card” visual connection
  • Design must be able to be produced with current card making equipment
  • Must allow for placement of chip and magnetic stripe, long & short names, etc.

Selection Process

  • 12 options were created and refined based on the design considerations
  • 8 options were sent to Institutional Communications for a branding compliance review and comments
  • 4 options were presented to the UWF Extended Cabinet and SGA for review and feedback
  • The design that was selected had the most positive feedback from both the Extended Cabinet and the SGA members. It was also one of two preferred by Institutional Communications.

The new card design is being phased-in during the Nautilus Card contactless technology transition over the next few years.

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