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Copier Locations

Listed in order of building number.

MAC printing is enabled on all networked devices. Please talk to your LSP to have the PaperCut Client and Print Drivers installed. PC users will receive the PaperCut Client and Print Drivers via Group Policy, which is pushed out every night by ITS.

Most devices are equipped with an Inner Finisher (stapler) and a Convenience Stapler (on outside left of device).

Campus Copier Locations
Bldg #DepartmentModelColor Copier
4 Electrical & Mechanical Engineering (3rd floor, hallway, uPrint Location) MXM3070  
4 Math & Statistics (4th floor, hallway,uPrint Location) MXM3070  
4 College of Science and Engineering Dean's Suite (Room 423) MXM3570  
10 Division of Finance and Administration (1st floor) MXM3070  
10 Academic Affairs (2nd floor) MXM3070  
10 President's Office (President's Office use only) MX3071 X
11 Research Administration and Engagement MX3071
11 Division of Academic Engagement (DAE) MX3070 (Fax)  
12 University Advancement MXM3070  
13 Department of Earth & Environmental Sciences / Anthropology MX3571 X
18 Admissions MXM3070  
18 Dean of Students MXM3070  
18 Financial Aid / Registrar MXM3070  
19 Career Services / Student Disability Resource Center MXM3070  
19 Housing MXM3070  
20E Controllers Office - Cashiers MXM3070  
20E Controllers Office MXM3070  
20E Human Resources MXM3570  
20W Business & Auxiliary Services (Lobby Copy Room,uPrint Location) MXM3070  
20W Business & Auxiliary Services (Room 159) MX3071 X
21 First Year Advising MXM3070  
22 UWF Dining Services MX3071 (Fax)
22 UWF Bookstore MXM3070 (Fax)  
22 University Commons & Student Involvement MX3071 X
22 UWF Postal Services (for Passport Acceptance Facility use only) MX3071 X
32* Pace Library (1st floor, coin operated only, Open Access)    
32* Pace Library, Special Collections (Basement, cash only)    
32 Pace Library, Administration (1st floor) MXM3070  
36 Communication Arts MXM3070  
37 Nursing MXM4070  
38 School of Allied Health & Science (SAHLS) MXM3070  
41 Psychology MXM3070  
49* Archaeology Curation    
50 Government MXM3070  
50 English / Honors MX5071 X
52 TRIO / Student Support Services MXM3070  
53 Marketing MX3571 X
53 CASSH Dean's Office MX3071 X
54 Athletics Administration MX5071


58 Medical Technology (2nd floor, uPrint Location) MXM4070   
58 Physics MXM3070   
58C Chemistry MXM7570  
58C Biology MXM7570  
70 Instructional Workforce and Applied Technology MXM3070  
71 International Center MXM5070  
72 HLES MXM4070  
72 Recreation & Sports MXM3070  
73 Athletic Training (Pool) MXM3070  
75 Office of Equity, Diversity, and International Affairs MXM3070  
76 Accounting & Finance MXM5070  
76 Global Hospitality & Tourism Management MX3071
76A College of Business Advising Center (2nd floor) MXM3070  
76A College of Business Dean's Office (3rd floor) MXM3070  
76A Management & MIS MX6071 X
77 Continuing and Distance Education MXM3070  
77 Military Science MXM3070  
78 SACS (ERDC) MX3071 X
82 Center for Fine and Performing Arts (CFPA) MXM5070  
82 Theatre (Open Access) MXM3070  
83 Wetlands MXM3070  
85 College of Education and Professional Studies (CEPS) Dean MXM3070  
85 Elementary Education MXM3070  
85 Criminal Justice MXM3070  
85 Social Work MXM3070  
86 Professional Studies MXM3070  
86 Professional Studies Library (Nautilus Card only, uPrint Location) MXM3070  
88 WUWF MXM3070  
89 Archaeology Institute MX3571 X
90 Facilities Planning MXM3070  
92 Building Services MXM3070  
93 Police Patrol MXM3070  
95 Environmental Health & Safety MXM3070  
99 Child Care Center MXM3070  
910 Village East (uPrint Location) MXM3070  
920 Martin Hall Office MXM3070  
921 Heritage Hall Office MXM3070  
922 Presidents Hall Office MXM3070  
925 Argo Hall Office MXM3070  
960 Health Services (1st floor) MXM3070  
960 Counseling Center (2nd floor) MXM3070  
Dtwn Florida Public Archaeology Network (FPAN) MXM3070  
FWB B.1 MXM3070  
FWB B.2 MXM3070  
FWB B.4 MXM3070  
FWB B.8 MX3071 X

* Indicates copiers not on network.