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Sport Clubs

Sport Clubs offer participants a wide range of recreational, instructional and competitive teams to bridge the gap between Intramural Sports and Intercollegiate Athletics. Argos with similar interests form official teams and are offered the chance to practice and compete at a specialized level.

UWF Recognized Sport Clubs
Dance Disc Golf  Esports
Fencing Ju-Jitsu SCUBA
Ultimate Frisbee Volleyball   Women of Wellness 
UWF Provisional Sport Clubs
  Rugby Track and Field


Click on the club name in the table above to visit the club's website and find out more information about each group. If you are interested in joining a club that does not have their website created yet, please email to find out more. All Sport Club teams are managed by students. Under the direction of the Competitive Sports office, clubs are given the opportunity to shape their own unique atmosphere. Clubs can be competitive, recreational or instructional. Membership for any sport club is open to all currently enrolled, fee-paying University of West Florida students.


Joining a UWF Sport Club

If you are interested in joining a UWF sport club, you must email the club president. Each club president's information can be found on the club's individual webpage. If you are wanting to join a new club that does not have a webpage yet, you can contact the Competitive Sports office. The office will get you in contact with the Club President. Additionally, all UWF students, faculty, and staff who are interested in participating in a sport club must join the Club's roster on IMLeagues. If you need help registering with IMLeagues, visit our Online Registration Instructions

If you need help joining a club or are interested in revitalizing a previous club, please contact the Competitive Sports office at or 850.474.2521.

student playing racquetball

Starting a Sport Club

UWF students who have joined together to further their interest and enjoyment of a sport-related activity are encouraged to become a UWF Sport Club.

Starting a Sport Club

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Join a Club's Roster

Need help joining a club's roster in IMLeagues? Our Online Registration Instructions page will take you through the steps of registering with the team on IMLeagues.

Online Registration Instructions

students playing volleyball

Membership and Organization

Learn about Sport Club participation, our Try-outs/Cuts Policy, and the roles of officers, advisors and coaches.

Membership and Organization

members of sport club council

Sport Club Council

The Sport Club Council (SCC) is the governing body of the UWF Sport Club program. Learn more about the role the SCC plays.

Sport Club Council

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Sport Club Handbook

It is the responsibility of each participant to be aware and in full understanding of the information included in the Handbook.

Sport Club Handbook

fencing club fencing

Forms and Resources

It is the responsibility of each sport club member and participant to submit the proper forms related to their Sport Club activities.

Forms and Resources

Please contact the Competitive Sports office for any questions, concerns or if you are interested in more information.


Phone: 850.474.2521