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Hall of Fame

Students jumping for the basketball as the referee signals the start of the play

Individual Intramural Sports participants who throughout the academic year portray characteristics of leadership, sportsmanship, service, and outstanding achievements are nominated by the Competitive Sports staff for the Intramural Sports Hall of Fame.

2023 Inductees

At the conclusion of the academic year, the Competitive Sports staff will induct one male and one female into the Hall of Fame. Their names will then be engraved on a permanent plaque and be displayed in the Health, Leisure and Sports Facility.

Thomas Morgan- Headshot

Thomas Morgan

Thomas has consistently played in two of our major intramural sports, basketball and flag football, along with some tournaments such as softball, dodgeball, pickleball, ping pong and 3v3 basketball. Throughout his time playing intramural sports, he has been a model participant in demonstrating good sportsmanship and being respectful to intramural sports participants, officials and supervisors. Thomas has played in over 53 games for 15 teams during his time here and has a winning percentage of 66%.
His teams have made it far in the playoff brackets in multiple sports. His most recent championship was for our basketball season where his co-rec team went 8-1 to win the entire division. He was also voted as the MVP for the entire co-rec basketball season in the spring of 2023. 

Haley Mitchell- Headshot

Haley Mitchell

Haley consistently created teams and played in all four of our major intramural sports, along with many tournaments such as spikeball, water ninja warrior, 3v3 soccer, 3v3 basketball etc. She has been integral at getting students to play intramural sports and encouraged free agents to play with her team without even knowing their skill level. Throughout her time playing intramural sports, she has been respectful to intramural sports participants and the staff, encouraging a fun atmosphere for all. Haley has played in over 104 games for 26 teams and has a winning percentage of 67%! She has won 8 championships in basketball and flag football alone. This past basketball season, her women’s and co-rec team both won the championship game for their division! 

Past Winners
2022 Demaris Darnell and Mario Tobar
2021 Kaitlyn Ripley and Paul Wohlford
2020 Idara Nduese-Udom and Kenneth Burrell
2019 Kara Heigert and Simon Johnson
2018 Makala Diggs and Jamal Bias
2017 Melissa Farrell and Chris Taylor
2016 Sabrina Youngman and Davis Hagen
2015 Dana Sparks and Bryan Rhodes
2014 Brooke Albert and Joe-Barry Gardner
2013 Marissa Register and Sami Kara 
2012 Sarah King and Dom Mays
2011 Jennifer Hernandez and Brian Citino
2010 Melanie Davis and Chris Hill
2009 Jessica Goodson and Andy Blevins
2008 Bryn Renda and Kirk Slay
2007 Ericka Roland and Calvin Chester
2006 Kathryn Matheny and Daniel Sanders
2005 Cate Gundlach and Derek Citino
2004 Nathalie Grullon and Thomas Andrews
2003 Nicole Matsoukas and Chuck Comella
2002 Ahn Truong and Chris Walters and 
2001 Brooke Pace and Ben Stubbs
2000 Anne Marquez and Steve Shea
1999 Jamie Ball and John Katsantonis 
1998 Natalie Dow
1997 Shawn Stanley and Andy Phillips 
1996 Sandy Hutchinson and Jason Rasso 
1995 Jennifer Harrison, Travis Carff and Ritchard Houdashelt 
1994 Judy Jemiola and Mike Padgett 
1993 Grace Quina, Dwayne Huntsinger and George Geer 
1992 Katie Turpin, John Miles and James Herron, Jr. 
1991 Gary Storm
1990 Lee Macarthur
1989 Dave Porter
1988 Tom Adams
1987 Duane Gash
1986 Ralph Andrews
1985 Kenneth Dunlap, Tim Haag, Donna Johnson, Warren Kelly, John Perrin, Barbara Schwarts, John Sirianno, Patricia Weed and Michael White
1984 Craig Bennet, Michael Brown, Dave Bullard, Gerry Meek and Tina Watchous
1983 Mitch Jackson, Steve Jackson and Gary Middlemas
1982 Michael Deleo and Craig Fitzgerald
1981 Steve Jackson