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Wellness Services

Wellness Services provides health promotion and education on a variety of topics to help UWF students manage their personal health behaviors and find their best balance for overall well-being and academic success.

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The Wellness team and UWF Peer Educators offer a number of health education services covering a variety of health areas. They are available for bookings to come to speak to your audience, provide health education activities for your events or do tabling for your events.

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Sexual Health

Sexual health education provides a space to discuss safer sex, contraception, and STI prevention, treatment and screening to empower students to make informed decisions about their sexual behaviors.

Healthy Relationships

Learn the signs of healthy boundaries and good communication, what counts (and doesn’t count) as consent and how to “fight fair” in healthy conflict.  

Personal Wellness

Taking care of yourself is about more than diet and exercise; sleep, self-care, body image and personal identity are all important parts of mastering self-acceptance and feeling good in your own skin.

Stress Management

Gain skills in time management, mindfulness and reframing, and learn how to bounce back when you have a setback so you can overcome obstacles on your path to success.


Anti-violence is about taking an active role in preventing harm. Our programs discuss how to be an upstander and take action to prevent sexual violence, hazing, cyberbullying and supply the tools for supporting victims of violence.

Alcohol and Drugs

Harm and risk reduction are important parts of staying safe on any college campus. Our programs are designed to educate students on how to avoid the negative consequences of unsafe alcohol consumption and drug use.


Wheel sharing the 8 dimension of ArgoWell
The 8 Dimensions of Well Being

Wellness is not one-size-fits-all. Each person’s well being is made of a unique balance of several dimensions:

  • Environmental
  • Social 
  • Intellectual
  • Spiritual 
  • Physical 
  • Emotional 
  • Occupational

Find your balance by taking our ArgoWell Quiz.

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