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Administrative Units

The Division of Academic Affairs is comprised of the following administrative units.

Division of Academic Affairs
Dr. Gary Liguori, Provost and Senior Vice President
Dr. Michelle Williams, Vice Provost

Center for Behavior Analysis
Dr. Leasha Barry, Director

Center for Cybersecurity
Dr. Eman El-Sheikh, Associate Vice President

Center for Teaching, Learning, and Technology
Dr. Michelle Horton, Executive Director

College of Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities
Dr. Amy Mitchell-Cook, Interim Dean
Dr. Della Scott-Ireton, Interim Associate Dean
Archaeology Institute Dr. Ramie Gougeon, Interim Director
Art and Design Dr. David Earle, Chair
Anthropology Dr. Ramie Gougeon, Chair
Communication Dr. Kelly Carr, Chair
Criminology and Criminal Justice Dr. Hasan Buker, Chair
English Dr. Kevin Scott, Chair
Florida Public Archaeology Network Dr. Mary Minkoff, Director
Reubin O'D. Askew Department of Government Dr. David Ramsey, Interim Chair
History and Philosophy Dr. Erin Stone, Chair
The Dr. Grier Williams School of Music Mr. Corey McKern, Interim Director
Theatre Mr. Glenn Breed, Chair


College of Business
Dr. Richard Fountain, Dean
Ms. Melissa Brode, Associate Dean
Dr. Gerald Burch, Associate Dean
Dr. Gil Fried, Interim Assistant Dean
Accounting and Finance Dr. Greg Prescott, Chair
Aerospace Studies - Air Force ROTC LTC Ruth Randolph, Chair
Business Administration Dr. John Batchelor, Chair
Commerce Dr. Scott Keller, Chair
Florida Small Business Development Center at UWF Mr. Kelly Massey, Director
MBA Program Ms. Melissa Brode, Director
Military Science - Army ROTC LTC James Pritchett, Chair

Division of Continuing Education
Ms. Shelly Blake, Associate Vice President
Ms. Dacia Larin, Assistant Vice President

UWF Emerald Coast
Dr. Melinda Bowers, Dean

Enrollment Affairs
Katie Condon, Assistant Vice President
Financial Aid and Scholarships Rachel Conway, Interim Director
Undergraduate Admissions Ethan Henley, Director

Graduate School
Dr. Kuiyuan Li, Dean
Dr. Melissa Webb, Assistant Dean
Ms. Sabrina Capps, Assistant Director

Haas Center
Ms. Nicole Gislason, Executive Director
Dr. Jerry Parrish, Director

Hal Marcus College of Science and Engineering
Dr. Jaromy Kuhl, Dean
Dr. Mohamed Khabou, Associate Dean
Biology Dr. Peter Cavnar, Chair
Center for Environmental Diagnostics and Bioremediation Dr. Wade Jeffrey, Director
Chemistry Dr. Karen Molek, Chair
Computer Science Dr. Thomas Reichherzer, Chair
Cybersecurity Dr. Meng Yu, Chair
Earth and Environmental Sciences Dr. Phillip Schmutz, Chair
Dr. Muhammad Harunur Rashid Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Dr. Thomas Gilbar, Chair
Information Technology Dr. Dallas Snider, Chair
Intelligent Systems and Robotics Dr. Brent Venable, Director
Mathematics and Statistics Dr. Jia Liu, Chair
Mechanical Engineering Dr. Michael Reynolds, Chair
Physics Dr. Chris Varney, Chair

Information Technology Services (ITS)
Mr. Geissler Golding, Executive Director & Chief IT Security Officer
Ms. Barbara Daley, Director, Enterprise Applications
Ms. Sandra Thompson, Director, IT Operations

Institutional Effectiveness
Dr. Angela Bryan, Director

Institutional Research
Mr. Christophe Lizen, Director

Military and Veterans Resource Center
Ms. Lori Milkeris, Director

Office of Academic Advocacy & Graduation Success
Dr. Patrice Moorer, Assistant Vice President

Office of the Registrar
Mr. Adam Burgess, University Registrar

Office of Undergraduate Research
Dr. Allison Schwartz, Director

Research Administration and Engagement
Dr. Matthew Schwartz, Associate Vice President

School of Education
Dr. Karen Evans, Interim Director
Instructional Design and Technology Dr. Nancy Hastings, Chair

John C. Pace Library
Ms. Stephanie Clark, Dean, University Libraries

Usha Kundu, MD College of Health
Dr. David Bellar, Dean
Dr. Daniel Drost, Assistant Dean
Health Sciences and Administration Dr. Angela Hahn, Chair
Medical Laboratory Sciences Dr. Katie Cavnar, Chair
Movement Sciences and Health Dr. Chris Wirth, Chair
Psychology Dr. David Strohmetz, Chair
Public Health Dr. Justice Mbizo, Chair
School of Nursing Dr. Crystal Bennett, Director
Social Work Dr. Lisa Blalock, Interim Chair