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At UWF, we celebrate the arts, social sciences, and humanities as central to a cutting-edge education.

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These disciplines study people. They develop well-educated, imaginative, inquisitive, communicative, adaptable, and empathetic graduates ready to demonstrate the 21st Century skills necessary to succeed in today's workplace. Students work collaboratively with engaging faculty in small class settings to hone their critical thinking, oral and written communication, project management, and professional development. They spend time thinking and writing, reading and discussing, observing and performing -- qualities that set them apart from their peers in the marketplace. The College of Arts, Social Sciences, and Humanities believes these skills endure and set students up to be lifetime learners no matter where their journey beyond UWF takes them.

The College of Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities offers undergraduate studies in more than 25 major concentrations and more than 15 minor concentrations. Students may pursue graduate studies in more than 

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Archaeology Students conducting field work at the Luna Settlement site as part of the 2016 field work
Anthropology students participate in summer fields school research.

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Vantage Points offers student and alumni stories, research and creative activities, and topics of public discourse from UWF's College of Arts, Social Science and Humanities.

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Alumni Impact Stories

Patricia Izbicki - BA in Music Performance

Beethoven, Mozart, Bach and other classical and contemporary musicians have found their way into the lab. This neurological research study is Dr. Patricia’s brainchild. It all began when her love for music and love for the brain struck a chord at UWF.

Patricia's Full Impact Story

Nicolas Laracuente

Nicolas Laracuente - MA in Anthropology

Bourbon is American’s oldest spirit. When it comes to the history of bourbon in the Commonwealth of Kentucky, there is a trail of tall tales. Lost beneath the layers of sediment and storytelling, Nick Laracuente has spent a decade unearthing new facts and authentic stories behind the barrels that true bourbon enthusiasts and tourists traversing Kentucky’s Bourbon Trail long to hear.

Nicolas' Full Impact Story

Emily Ley

Emily Ley - BA in English/Creative Writing and MA in Public Administration

In 10 short years, Emily started a family, shaped a sisterhood, and connected with a community of women… all while growing and leading a multi-million dollar business. This is Emily’s story about how one product launched a movement for women to live their lives, simplified.

Emily's Full Impact Story

Hong Potomski

Hong Potomski - MBA and MA in Healthcare Leadership

In the face of unimaginable adversity, one family’s focus to escape war and embrace uncertainty is all that stands in the way of creating a better life half a world away. Inspired by her parents’ determination, grit and sacrifice, Hong navigates her own journey—as a first generation college graduate—armed and ready to take on some of the biggest challenges facing healthcare—and her community.

Hong's Full Impact Story

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