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General Education

Get started in the right direction! General Education equips you with a broad knowledge base and variety of skills to be successful in any major.

Our Vision

General Education at the University of West Florida provides a cohesive program of study that includes the breadth and quality of course work necessary to empower students to become educated citizens and professionals.

Our Mission

UWF’s General Education Program promotes appreciation for the interdisciplinary arts and sciences. Accordingly, our mission is (1) to provide students with a set of foundational courses from across disciplines, (2) to build their intellectual and personal connections by exposing them to different fields of knowledge, showing the connection in (or within) knowledge from various disciplines, and exploring how the knowledge is obtained, and (3) to help them expand their ability to innovate and to deepen the skills necessary to succeed in their majors and in the wider world.

Our Values

Integration – Exploring, expanding, and enhancing learning as well as knowledge through transformational experiences.

Caring – Providing a safe and dynamic learning environment that fosters the development of individual potential.

Integrity – Demonstrating dedication to uncompromising excellence and doing the right thing for the right reason.

Inclusiveness – Evaluating events and issues through the lens of diverse political, cultural and geographic points of view.