Division of Academic Affairs

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Division of Academic Affairs

The Division of Academic Affairs functions as the primary coordinating unit for academic programs and academic support operations. The division coordinates the allocation of instructional and research funds and other resources, works to improve the quality of instruction, correlates the evaluation of instructions, and establishes policy on faculty appointment, evaluation, promotion, and tenure.

LEAD (Leadership, Enhancement, Activities & Development)

The University of West Florida offers high-level leadership development opportunities for faculty and staff members. LEAD, or Leadership, Enhancement, Activities & Development, fosters a community of leaders by encouraging team building through structured personal and interpersonal development. Each aspect of the program allows faculty and staff members to consider new ways of thinking through constructive, hands-on opportunities.

The program takes place during a year-long period, where faculty and staff members will hone their leadership skills through interactive workshops, round-table discussions, and strategy-building sessions developing solutions to issues affecting higher education, specifically UWF.

The program is led by Dr. Athena du PrĂ©, Distinguished University Professor. 

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