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Affiliation/Internship Agreements

Academic units across the University offer students the ability to earn academic credit as part of their degree program in internship and other field experiences. Students can get more information about these experiences by checking the department website or the catalog. For faculty and staff who assist in the placement of student interns, the University requires that a student intern agreement be completed and signed by the University and the placement site (Affiliate) prior to the student beginning his or her placement.

Instructions and Required Forms

  • Faculty and staff can access the required forms and the instructions in Confluence.

Additional Information in Confluence

Student Insurance for Clinical Placements

  • Student Specified Professional Liability - Provides protection against claims for damage or injury due to negligence in the performance of specific coursework in certain medical-related academic programs. The policy provides coverage for the students of the programs specified in the application, but only while participating in activities which are part of and a requirement of the students' curriculum at the University, and faculty members of the University with respect to claims arising out of the supervision/instruction of the insured students for covered incidents. This mandatory coverage must be specifically requested in advance and funded by the requesting department.
  • Please contact Pennie Sparks (850.474.2177 or by, Risk Manager, Environmental Health and Safety, if you have questions or need further information.