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Sunshine Recruitment

The Florida Sunshine Law provides a right of access to governmental proceedings at both the state and local levels. Virtually all state and local collegial public bodies are covered by the open meetings requirements with the exception of the judiciary and the state Legislature which has its own constitutional provision relating to access. The Florida Sunshine Law is governed under Florida Statute 286, Public Business; Miscellaneous Provisions.

All recruitments for Director level and above positions and faculty recruitments (not including adjunct, visiting positions, instructors and lecturers) in the Division of Academic Affairs must be conducted under the Florida Sunshine Law. Librarians are considered faculty.

Positions that require Sunshine Recruitment
Class CodePosition TitleE-Class Code
9255 Executive Director 30
9261 Associate Vice President 30
9270 Assistant Vice President 30
9355 University Registrar 30
9499 Director 30
9001 Professor 22
9002 Associate Professor 22
9003 Assistant Professor 22
9053 University Librarian 22
9054 University Associate Librarian 22
9055 University Assistant Librarian 22
9120 Associate in 22
9121 Assistant in 22
9160 Research Scholar 22
9161 Research Associate Scholar 22
9162 Research Assistant Scholar 22
9166 Research Associate 22
9173 Counselor/Advisor 22

Benefits of a Sunshine Recruitment

  • The recruitment committee can rank, rate, cull and suggest applicants for hire;
  • Recruitment committee members have the authority to screen applicants and determine which applicants to accept or reject from consideration;
  • A closed recruitment, on the other hand, only allows committee members to gather information and provide candidate strengths and weaknesses to the hiring official. A closed recruitment limits a committee’s ability to participate in the selection process of their colleagues.

Important Sunshine Recruitment Information

  • All decisions must be made publicly;
  • Committee members cannot discuss or communicate outside of a publicly noticed meeting on any issue to be brought forward to the committee for decision;
  • Minutes must be taken at all meetings and interviews;
  • All meetings must be open to the public;
  • All meetings must be reasonably publicized at least seven days in advance in @UWF;
  • Recruitment committee members are responsible for taking minutes and submitting the 7-day public notice. An administrative/clerical staff member does not need to be assigned to a Sunshine Recruitment.