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College Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities

Our disciplines study people. They develop well-educated, imaginative, inquisitive, communicative, adaptable, and empathetic graduates. These skills endure and set students to demonstrate the 21st Century skills necessary to succeed in today's workplace and as lifetime learners. Students work collaboratively with engaging faculty in small class settings to hone their critical thinking, oral and written communication, project management and professional development. They spend time thinking and writing, reading and discussing, observing and performing -- qualities that set them apart from their peers in the marketplace.

College of Business

Your path to a successful career awaits you at the College of Business. Immerse yourself in high-impact, student-focused courses, relevant and innovative research and real-world education. Learn from distinguished faculty with professional expertise in accounting, finance, economics, marketing, supply train logistics, global hospitality and tourism. The College is invested in building an experienced and educated workforce ready to enter today’s dynamic business world. Be the next Business Argo who positively impacts society.


Hal Marcus College of Science and Engineering

Hal Marcus College of Science and Engineering at the University of West Florida provides innovative and inclusive programs of excellence in education, research, and public and professional service at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. We aim to produce a highly competitive and diverse group of graduates as judged by the highest academic standards in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). Get involved and take advantage of the many initiatives offered for your success.


Usha Kundu, MD College of Health

The Usha Kundu, MD College of Health strives to produce the health care and health industry experts the medical communities and companies desperately require. Our programs offer an interprofessional education through hands-on experience at the University of West Florida with innovative programs that are taught across multiple disciplines, giving students a wide range of options for a professional career in the health industry.