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Academic Affairs Budget Office

To assist management in attaining their respective mission and assessing the effectiveness of their operations by facilitating an efficient budget process and by disseminating quality information.

Information & Services

Please visit for additional information on:

  • Financial Information
  • Online Processes
    • Additional/Extra Compensation
    • New Position Request
    • Online Faculty Hiring Plan
    • Faculty Line Search Request Template
  • Procedures
    • Funding Formula
    • Carry Forward
    • Additional/Extra Compensation
    • Salary Savings
    • Moving Expenses
    • Faculty Searches
    • Signature Authority
    • Employment Contracts
    • Materials & Supplies Fees
    • Equipment Usage Fees
    • Calculating Summer Term Hours per Week for Adjuncts
    • Faculty Line Request Form Instructions
  • Salary Information
    • Salary Rate Database
    • Salary Tables
  • Faculty Line Information
    • Faculty Searches and Historical Information