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Tenure, Promotion, and Evaluations Guidelines

The guidelines for Tenure, Promotion, Annual Evaluation, Sustained Performance Evaluation, and Post-Tenure Review will be posted on this page.

UWF Interfolio

Beginning in the fall of 2023, the Division of Academic Affairs will be utilizing Interfolio's Review, Promotion & Tenure (RPT) service to manage submission and review of packets for Tenure, Promotion, Sustained Performance Evaluation, and Post-Tenure Review. Please visit the UWF Interfolio page for more detailed information.

Tenure, Promotion, and Evaluations

2023-2024 Guidelines for Tenure, Promotion, and Evaluations (PDF)

Post-Tenure Review

2023-2024 Guidelines for Post-Tenure Review (PDF)

12/11/23 Update: Upcoming Changes to Post-Tenure Review

9/15/23 Update: The Post-Tenure Review Faculty Form is no longer required and is optional.

What will comprise the items submitted for Post-Tenure Review (PTR)?
Refer to the Guidelines for Post-Tenure Review for full details. The current list of materials required for 2023-24 are:

  • Departmental Bylaws;
  • Post-Tenure Review Faculty Form;
  • Curriculum Vitae;
  • Annual Work Assignments and Annual Evaluations.

What are the criteria for PTR?
PTR assesses a 5-year span of work assigned and faculty performance in the work assigned. Performance indicators for Teaching, Research/Scholarship and Creative Activities, and Service can be found in departmental bylaws and university guidelines for tenure, promotion and evaluations. Other duties such as program coordination or serving as a department chair should be detailed in the annual assignment letter and reflected in the annual evaluation.

How is the date for PTR determined?
In cases where faculty have had a typical work assignment, the PTR date would be the academic year of the last comprehensive review (tenure, promotion, or sustained performance evaluation, whichever is most recent) plus five years. The 5-year implementation window for BOG Regulation 10.003 Post-Tenure Review ends in 2027-2028, so all tenured faculty employed prior to August 2023 must be evaluated within this window of time and no later. Faculty who receive tenure after this date have their PTR scheduled five years after their tenure date.

Can PTR and promotion review occur in the same year?
Yes. Both PTR and promotion review can occur in the same year, however two packets will be submitted in the electronic review system and the list of materials to submit varies according to the appropriate guidelines document.

If promotion and PTR occur in the same year, any merit-based salary increase that results from PTR will be added on top of the salary increase that results from promotion.

Does sabbatical impact PTR?
The timing of sabbatical does not alter the post-tenure review timeline. This means that sabbatical and PTR may occur in the same academic year. It also means that sabbatical in the previous year does not extend the PTR timeline.

Are deferrals of PTR possible?
Deferrals of a PTR date are not permitted apart from extenuating, unforeseen circumstances, subject to HR review and requiring Provost approval. 

What if I am planning to retire during the year in which I am scheduled for a PTR?
PTR will proceed on schedule unless a faculty member has retired before a PTR dossier is due. Should the faculty member retire before the review is done, the review will be closed.

Tenure & Promotion Recipients

In 2023, the University of West Florida Board of Trustees approved tenure for 12 university faculty members. Additionally, President Martha Saunders awarded promotion to 27 faculty members. A full listing can be found on the new Tenure and Promotion Recipients page.