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@UWF Faculty & Staff Newsletter

The @UWF Faculty & Staff Newsletter highlights campus announcements and is distributed to faculty and staff every Monday and Thursday.

How to Submit

Please use the below forms to submit to the @UWF Faculty & Staff Newsletter.

Campus Announcement

MyUWF sign-in credentials required.

@UWF Campus Announcement Submission Form

Employee Obituary

MyUWF sign-in credentials required.

@UWF Employee Obituary Announcement Submission Form

Newsletter Submission Deadlines

The @UWF Faculty & Staff Newsletter is distributed at 10 a.m. on Mondays and Thursdays. The announcement submission deadlines for the newsletter dates are as follows:

  • Monday distribution: Friday at 10 a.m.
  • Thursday distribution: Wednesday at 10 a.m.

If a submission is received after the deadline, the announcement will run in the following newsletter distribution. Announcement submission requests for a future newsletter other than the next scheduled distribution date will not be accepted.

Distribution dates will be altered accordingly for holidays observed by UWF. Any changes to a distribution for a holiday will be included as an announcement in a newsletter prior to the holiday.

For urgent updates or cancellations, please contact Institutional Communications at or 850.474.2692.

Newsletter Submission Guidelines

All submissions are considered for publication at the discretion of Institutional Communications and may be edited to comply with the UWF Editorial Style Guide, web accessibility standards, and available space in the newsletter.

@UWF Announcement Submission Jira Form

  • Announcement Title: The announcement title that will appear in bold immediately before the announcement description. Please keep announcement titles at 70 characters or less.
  • Announcement Description: Please check all spelling and grammar before submitting. Please keep announcement descriptions at 600 characters or less.
  • Department: Your assigned UWF department.
  • Relevant Link: Please include a link that you would like to be included with the announcement. If you would like a document or image to be included with the announcement, please upload the file online to a UWF website first then include the link with the announcement submission. At the discretion of Institutional Communications, the link may be included as a hyperlink in the announcement. If you wish the link to be included as a hyperlink for specific text in your announcement, please include the request in the Additional Notes section of the form.
  • Additional Notes: Any additional information or requests for your announcement submission. This information will be not be included with the announcement.

Additional Announcement Guidance and Information

  • Repeat Announcements: Announcements are only published in one newsletter per form submission. Please submit a new form if you would like an announcement to be repeated. The form should only be submitted during the submission timing acceptance, and not in advance, for a specific dated newsletter. See Newsletter Submission Deadlines above for reference. Announcements may only be repeated for one month, with the exception of announcements that are required by Florida law.
  • Corrections: If there are any corrections needed for the announcement after submission, you must communicate with Institutional Communications in the assigned Jira ticket.
  • Outside Submissions: Announcements must be associated with the University, such as information regarding UWF events, faculty, staff, students, or programs. If the announcement does not have a direct connection to the University, the announcement request will be denied and will not be published in the newsletter.
  • Public Meeting Notices: Public meeting notices are not included in the newsletter and should be submitted to the UWF Event Calendar. After event calendar approval, the public meeting notice will be displayed live on the event calendar then automatically added to the RSS feed on the UWF Public Meetings webpage. Please visit the UWF Event Calendar webpage for more information.