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Commercial Photo Guidelines

For commercial photography or videography on the University of West Florida campus.

Thank you for your interest in the University of West Florida campus location for your upcoming commercial film or photography project. If you are a member of the news media, please contact Institutional Communications at

For convenience, the word “filming” as used in these guidelines shall include Motion Pictures, Filming, Videotape, Still Photography and Digital Imaging.

These guidelines have been developed by the UWF Institutional Communications team to facilitate your request for approval of your project. Please note that ALL requests must be submitted at least 30 days prior to beginning any activity.

Reviewing Your Request

All requests must be submitted via email to Institutional Communications at at least (30)
days prior to beginning any activity.

The following information must be submitted in one single email request in order to be reviewed:

  • Potential dates, times and locations
  • How many production vehicles, service vehicles, and private cars will be brought on campus noting any that require overnight parking
  • Details on liability insurance coverage and acknowledgment that you will name the University of West Florida as an additional insured and will provide a Certificate of Coverage prior to beginning activities
  • For filming a script must be provided detailing the project’s subject and how the campus locations will be treated; for still photography a creative brief or mockups must be provided

Upon review, you will be contacted to discuss your submission and the process of developing an agreement may begin.

Scouting Appointments

If you are interested in filming/photographing the UWF campus for commercial use and would like to request the ability to scout options and various locations before making a decision about using our campus or its facilities, please contact Institutional Communications at

Please allow at least two weeks notice to make the accommodations. If it is determined that the scouting sessions will take more than two hours, a fee of $50 per hour for each hour over two must be paid before the scouting appointment. The fee is payable by check only and must be made payable to the University of West Florida.


Location Agreement

A Location Agreement must be fully executed prior to arrival on campus. All contractors will be required to indemnify and hold harmless the University, its Trustees, Officers, Agents, and Employees.

Script/Creative Review & Approval

For filming a final script must be provided detailing the project’s subject and how the campus locations will be treated. For still photography final mockups must be provided. These will be assessed against your original request submission documents to ensure they still adhere to the intent of the project and maintain the integrity of the campus appropriately.

Adherence to University Mission

Institutional Communications will review projects to ensure that they do not conflict with the university’s mission.


The University Police Department will review projects in accordance with laws and campus safety procedures to ensure that it does not create an imposition on the campus facilities and/or community. Violation of safety standards set by the Police Department may result in immediate withdrawal of permission to shoot on university grounds. Approval of the project requires that the contractor and its employees, sub-contractors and agents will obey all orders given by University Police Officers.

Identification of the University

Any use of the University of West Florida’s name, trademarks or other branding elements will be
reviewed in relation to the scope of the project. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Any shot showing the University of West Florida name, logo, or identifiable symbols associated
    with the university, such as our mascot or the nautilus shell graphic.
  • Any building or campus identification graphics, including signs or maps.


Filming on campus is permitted only if it does not interfere with normal University business and/or previously scheduled events. Specifically, this type of activity is not permitted near or in:

  • University libraries during midterm and final exams;
  • Student residence and dining halls;
  • University healthcare facilities.


Rates are determined by the nature and scope of each production (i.e., film, video, still photography). In addition to location fees, some facilities (i.e., stadium, recreation center, student center) require a facility rental fee. Fees for security, parking, use of the university’s name, trademarks and/or other branding elements and other services will be assessed and included as part of the agreement. If necessary to assign UWF personnel to attend the production, additional fees may be assessed as well. All fees must be paid two days prior to activity beginning. A damage deposit may also be required pending the scope of the project. Should a project be canceled with less than two days’ notice, half of the agreed upon fee will be payable upon notification of cancellation. All fees must be paid by check and made payable to the University of West Florida.

For additional questions, please contact Institutional Communications at