Web and CMS Resources

General web and specific CMS resources used for managing the UWF web presence are available below. Please contact the Institutional Communications web team if you would like to request any additional items to be added to this list.

Web Support

The Institutional Communications web team is here to assist you with your website needs. To submit a support ticket, visit the Support Center or email websupport@uwf.edu

TERMINALFOUR Content Management System

The Institutional Communications web team and various web managers throughout the University update uwf.edu using the TERMINALFOUR content management system. Review the below resources for guidance when using the University CMS.

Web Accessibility

UWF supports an inclusive environment for all students, faculty, staff and visitors. Providing accessible options for individuals with disabilities at the various University locations and online is a University-wide effort. Visit Web Accessibility in Confluence for all online resources developed by the Institutional Communications web team related to web accessibility.

Monsido Quality Assurance and Accessibility Monitoring

Many broken links, misspellings and accessibility errors can be identified using automated monitoring tools. The Institutional Communications web team uses Monsido, a tool that monitors quality assurance issues and accessibility errors. For more information, visit Monsido Web Quality Assurance and Accessibility Monitoring in Confluence.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engines account for a large percentage of the traffic to uwf.edu and the extended UWF web presence. Visit Search Engine Optimization in Confluence to learn more about enhancing your web content for search engines.

Web Traffic Monitoring

The Institutional Communications web team uses Google Analytics to monitor traffic across uwf.edu. Google Analytics is a powerful tool that gathers an incredible amount of anonymous data on the visitors that visit uwf.edu. For more information, visit Google Analytics and Web Traffic.

Miscellaneous Resources and Past Presentations