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At UWF, we’re looking for big, transformative stories that showcase students, faculty, staff and alumni making an impact around the world. These distinctive stories set UWF apart from other universities, put our name on the map and bolster our University’s brand. Help us share the UWF story.

Publicity Opportunities

Please utilize our Publicity Opportunities form to submit your story ideas. Idea submissions must follow the guidelines of a newsworthy story that will appeal to a variety of media outlets.

What is Newsworthy

Students, faculty, staff and administrators at the University of West Florida represent a variety of diverse backgrounds and areas of expertise, with countless potential stories to be told. Institutional Communications strives to identify newsworthy stories that will appeal to a variety of media outlets.

University Op-Eds

An op-ed, abbreviated from "opposite the editorial page," is an outlet that allows the institution to offer a unique perspective on a specific topic. A successful op-ed piece will reach large audiences, change minds and potentially reshape public policy, while also providing an opportunity to earn recognition for the University.

Publicizing UWF Events

Our campus is thriving with activities, and our team strives to ensure events are promoted appropriately. In an effort to garner exposure, we encourage you to utilize the following outlets for events:

  • Event Calendar: Submit event information to the UWF Event Calendar. Include all relevant details, especially information that will garner media attention. Our team utilizes the event calendar submissions to select events to pitch to local media on a weekly basis.
  • Social Media: Promote your events on your social media outlets and tag UWF. UWF will share posts on relevant outlets, as appropriate. When creating events on Facebook, request to add UWF as a co-host, which will garner additional exposure.

Major institutional events such as groundbreakings, grand openings, press conferences and other newsworthy events will be publicized through additional outlets by Institutional Communications.

Contact Us

Office: 850.474.3096