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Faculty Support

Explore innovative strategies, create transformative learning environments, and share research-based teaching practices that benefit every student at UWF.

We've added Magna Digital Library!

Magna Digital Library is an on-demand resource center providing campus-wide access to Magna’s complete digital library of more than 400 educational development programs for faculty and leadership staff.

The Magna Commons provides faculty with on-demand access to Magna Online Seminars. 20-Minute Mentor provides faculty with on-demand solutions to common classroom challenges in just 20 minutes.

Watch our video to learn more about accessing the Magna Digital Library.

Spotlight on Teaching Resources

As faculty and other instructors continue another semester of adaptive teaching, the CTLT provides resources and support to help the UWF community teach and learn effectively in a variety of contexts. Here are a few of our on-demand resources that may be useful at this stage of the semester.

Top 10 Faculty Support Topics

We all sometimes struggle to remember tasks and details from one semester to the next. Here is a helpful list of the top 10 questions we get from faculty each semester.

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Learn Canvas from Scratch

Staring at a blank Canvas course can be intimidating. This playlist includes 11 videos (<25 minutes) that walk you through building your next Canvas course from the bottom up.

Watch the "Canvas From Scratch" Playlist