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two anthropology students jumping off a dive platform into pensacola bay

Anthropology and Archaeology

Anthropology and Archaeology includes the disciplines of anthropology, archaeology, and sociology and consists of four integrated units. The Department of Anthropology, Archaeology Institute, Marine Services Center and the Florida Public Archaeology Network. Learn more about each unit below.

Department of Anthropology

The Department of Anthropology boasts numerous full-time faculty and research specialists who teach a wide variety of courses.  Students can earn a Bachelor's degree or a Master's degree.  Students at all levels participate in hands-on research opportunities that help prepare them for graduate study and for employment in both the private sector and government agencies.

Department of Anthropology

Archaeology Institute

The Archaeology Institute at the University of West Florida is an educational, research and service facility concerned with the prehistoric and historic archaeological resources of the northwest Florida region. The Institute has a professional staff of archaeologists who work on research and contracts in Northwest Florida. Additional staff and students are regularly employed through grant and contract funds.

Archaeology Institute

Marine Services Center

MSC provides boats, research platforms, and diving supervision for university sponsored projects in and around the Gulf of Mexico. Departments including Anthropology, Biology, Earth and Environmental Sciences, and others make use of the facilities at MSC for hands on learning and research. MSC assists with research and outreach conducted by the Archaeology Institute, CEDB, and FPAN.

Marine Services Center

Florida Public Archaeology Network

The Florida Public Archaeology Network is dedicated to the protection of cultural resources, both on land and underwater, and to involving the public in the study of their past. Regional centers around Florida serve as clearinghouses for information, institutions for learning and training, and headquarters for public participation in archaeology.


archaeology dig site


Anthropology and Archaeology research is a team effort that relies on all of the units within Anthropology and Archaeology.  Check out some of our past and present research.

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Faculty and staff across the division of anthropology are engaged in teaching and research. Find out more on the following pages.

Faculty          Staff