A small boat docks at the UWF Dive Platform operating in Pensacola Bay.

Marine Services Center

Marine Services Center (MSC)

As part of the Division of Anthropology and Archaeology MSC provides boats, research platforms, and diving supervision for university sponsored projects in and around the Gulf of Mexico. Departments including Anthropology, Biology, Earth and Environmental Sciences, and others make use of the facilities at MSC for hands on learning and research. MSC assists with research and outreach conducted by the Archaeology Institute, CEDB, and FPAN.

The MSC Dive Platform on site on a calm day with the reflection

Boats, Facilities, and Platforms

 MSC has a number of vessels and platforms available for research associated with the University of West Florida which for are suitable for a variety of uses. These include Pontoon boats and a dive platform for coastal and estuarine research, as well as several craft which are suited for operations in deeper Gulf waters. For more information on watercraft available through the Marine Services Center, please consult the below list of vessels and their descriptions.

Boat Usage Fees

 The following boats are available to University of West Florida, Faculty, Staff and Students for research purposes.

1984 25' Boston Whaler $450.00*
1986 26' Grady White $450.00*
2010 26' Tritoon $250.00
2006 20' Rhino 1 $200.00
2011 26' Rhino 2 $200.00
2012 27' Rhino 3 $200.00
2018 21' Rhino 4 200.00

*Includes $100 fee for the required UWF MSC Captain.

NOTE: Usage fees do not include fuel or damage charges

A UWF staff member in a ball cap and white long sleeve shirt spots a student diver as they enter the water

Dive Safety Program

The Dive Safety Program ensures that all scientific diving under the auspices of the University of West Florida (UWF) and the Marine Services Center (MSC) is conducted in a manner that will maximize the protection of scientific divers from accidental injury and/or illness.

About our Dive Safety Program
AAUS logo

American Academy of Underwater Sciences

The University of West Florida is an Organizational Member of the American Academy of Underwater Sciences (AAUS) and follows all AAUS standards regarding scientific diving. The mission of AAUS is to "advance and facilitate safe and productive scientific diving;" more information about AAUS can be found at AAUS.org

Dive Safety Officer
The Dive Safety Program is administered by the Dive Safety Officer (DSO) whose job is to develop and implement the Scientific Diving Program. The DSO is the primary support person for diving from our facility and for the operation and maintenance of our dive equipment, waterfront facilities and small boats. He also directs and instructs staff, students and research divers in the safe and efficient operation of marine diving and boating projects and accompanies divers on marine investigations to record scientific data. The DSO supervises deck crew and all operational and safety functions as well as verifying diver certification and maintaining UWF project dive logs. The DSO has operational authority for the diving program, including enforcement of diving safety regulations, approval of dive plans. 

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Several Students and Faculty Members gather for discussion on the MSC Dive Platform

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Archaeology Institute

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For More Information

About billing or general information, contact Karen Mims at kmims@uwf.edu.

About boat rental information and scheduling, contact DJ Johnson at djohnson11@uwf.edu.

About information on diving, contact Fritz Sharar at csharar@uwf.edu.