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UWF Archaeology Research

The University of West Florida specializes in research in the Northwest Florida region. Explore the following pages to learn more about Archaeology and our local history.

315X376 Maritime Field School, Luna

Luna Settlement Project

The Luna Settlement project is a collaboration between the terrestrial and maritime sides of the UWF Archaeology program investigating the 1559 attempt by Tristan de Luna to establish a Spanish settlement.  The project explores the colonial land settlement along with three shipwrecks resting just off shore.  

Tristan de Luna y Arellano
An image taken from a drone showing St. Michaels Cemetery


The UWF Archaeology team is actively involved in cemetery research in Pensacola and the nearby research.  This work has included the establishment of the Pensacola Area Cemetery Team (PACT) as well as mapping and preservation efforts at many historic cemeteries


Pre-Contact Archaeology

UWF Archaeologists have performed survey, testing, and excavation level investigations at a wide range of prehistoric site types in the West Florida area including shell middens, shell rings, non-shell middens, mounds, and cemeteries

Graduate and Undergraduate students excavate features at an archaeological site in the Pensacola Area


Pensacola was one of a handful of colonial period communities in the Southeastern United States. Colonial historical archaeology is a major focus of UWF Archaeology

Archaeology students excavate a unit at the Arcadia Mill Homestead site


West Florida had a significant water-powered mill industry in the Early American and Colonial Periods. Find out more about the mills and industrial sites researched by UWF Archaeologists

A Maritime Archaeology student jumps off the old Dive Platform


Maritime Archaeology at the University of West Florida is dedicated to the preservation of submerged cultural resources in northwest Florida and the southeastern United States.