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Opportunities in CASSH for Study Abroad

Participate in exciting opportunities for intercultural immersion and educational learning experiences through study abroad programs.

UWF Study Abroad Program

Through study abroad opportunities, earn course credits while experiencing the rich history, heritage, and worldviews of cultures abroad. Gain new perspectives and ignite your educational learning experience. Several College of Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities programs offer study abroad opportunities. Return to this page for updates on program opportunities.

For more information on UWF's Study Abroad Program or to learn more about the exciting cultural immersion and educational opportunities available for students, visit UWF's Office of Study Abroad. 

UWF's Office of Study Abroad


College Opportunities

CASSH departments and faculty offer various opportunities to study abroad. 

Peru, 2024

Travel to Peru with Dr. Erin Stone! 

Get to know Peru in its energetic capital of Lima, and trace Spain’s influence to modern times. With your blood pumping, you’ll ascend into the clouds to Cuzco, the historic capital of the Inca Empire and a gateway to pure adventure. See the impossibly perfect Incan masonry at Sacsayhuamán, staggering Incan agricultural laboratories—and who knew alpaca fur was so soft?

Participants can join the trip for credit via a directed study with Dr. Stone. However, course credit is optional. 

For more information, visit here or message Dr. Stone at

Register here!

The Irish Experience

Each year, UWF art, music and theatre students participat in a four-week summer study abroad course in Carlow, Ireland. During the experiential learning, students learn with master artists in their fields of study. They produce works of art, music, and a theatrical performance.

Once home, the students students exhibit and perform the variuos works of art, showcasing their experiences.

Students sit discussing

Irish Experience, Theatre

Theatre students participate in a read-through in preparation for their productions abroad and at home.

Irish Experience, Theatre

Here, theatre students perform at The George Bernard Shaw Theatre in Carlow, Ireland (right), in preparation for their performance back home. 

A person looks at art.

Ireland Experience, Art

Upon returning home, art students exhibit their work in The Art Gallery at UWF. 

Irish Experience, Art

Art students study in various media, including photography and oils. 

Student Experience

Read more about the UWF Irish Experience. 

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