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History and Philosophy

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The Department of History and Philosophy provides students the foundation for better understanding the world in which we live. In both areas, students develop critical thinking and analysis skills, collaborate with faculty, and produce scholarship that contributes to their field of study.

Department of History and Philosophy

The UWF Department of History and Philosophy offers both major and minor programs in History and Philosophy, and a graduate degree in History. The graduate degree includes traditional history, early American studies and public history, as well as a graduate certificate in Historic Preservation. These programs challenge students to contemplate the world around them and to think critically about the questions central to the human experience. This includes the exploration of our own and others’ cultural identity; the origins of modern institutions, traditions, and thought; and the worldview of past and present cultures across the globe. 

Students of history and philosophy gain a wider understanding of humankind that helps them make decisions about their present and future by considering the different perspectives of past actors. More technically, students in history and philosophy gain the tools necessary to communicate effectively, whether oral or written, as well as training in thinking critically, researching, and challenging accepted ideas with evidence.

Professor and student collaborate
The lab is open to UWF scholars and staff.

Digital History Lab

The UWF DH Lab is an individual and small group workspace equipped with the digital tools and technologies for scholars working in the digital age.

Lab Hours

  • Monday 10 a.m. to noon
  • Wednesday 10 a.m. to noon

Visit for more information on lab resources and procedures.  

History Events on Campus

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Students may pursue a minor, major or graduate degree in history studies. Learn more about history studies. 



Professor and student collaborate

Students may pursue a minor or major in Philosophy. Learn more about studies in Philosophy.


students and faculty pose in germany during study abroad program
Students and faculty in Germany during the UWF Study Abroad Program.

Study abroad students experienced history and culture firsthand during trip to Germany

When international studies student Gabriella Valenti saw the Sachsenhausen concentration camp in Oranienburg, Germany with her own eyes, she felt the visceral reality of history in a way she never had before. Valenti says, “You can hear about the Holocaust all you want from lectures, and you can see the graphic pictures that send a message, but you won’t get the gut-dropping feeling that you get when you're actually stepping on the grounds of a concentration camp.” Read more about the students' summer experiences.