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Students may pursue a minor, major or graduate degree in history studies.

Students may pursue a Minor in History or a Bachelor of Arts in History. Those wishing to pursue gradute studies may obtain a Master of Arts degrees in Traditional History, Early American Studies and Public History, as well as a graduate certificate in Historic Preservation studies.

These programs challenge students to contemplate the world around them and think about why things are the way they are. This includes the exploration of our own and others’ cultural identity; the origins of modern institutions and traditions; and the worldview of past and present cultures across the globe. Students of history gain a wider understanding of humankind that helps them make decisions about their present and future by considering the different perspectives of past actors. More technically, students in history gain the tools necessary to communicate effectively, whether oral or written, as well as training in thinking critically, researching, and challenging accepted ideas with evidence.

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History Programs


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Possible Careers  

  • Law and policy
  • Education
  • Museum curation
  • Grant writer
  • Editor