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Assessment and Planning

This page provides an overview of assessment activities within the Division of Academic Engagement and Student Affairs (DAESA).

DAESA Impact Report 2021-2022

I am pleased to present DAESA’s Impact Report for 2021-2022. This report is chocked full of examples of the individual and collective impact DAESA has on our students, staff, faculty, and the broader community. In this edition, we’ve also included several student success stories, many of which tell our story better than we ever could. 

Read the report to learn more about our DAESA’s impact on:

  • Curricular and co-curricular success and engagement
  • Inclusive excellence on campus
  • Enhanced student recruitment, degree completion, and post-graduate employment
  • Existing and new infrastructure 

I’m incredibly grateful for our dedicated DAESA staff. It is their collective work that we celebrate through this report.

-Dr. Gregory Tomso, Vice President, Division of Academic Engagement and Student Affairs



DAESA's PDF Impact Reports
Reporting YearImpact Report PDF link
2020-2021 DAESA's inaugural Impact Report
2021-2022 DAESA’s Impact Report for 2021-2022


About Assessment and Planning

The Division of Academic Engagement and Student Affairs is committed to using assessment to better understand our students, meet them where they are, and better serve them with quality programs and services. The mission of DAESA Assessment and Planning is to facilitate a culture of evidence and continuous improvement in support of student learning, development and success. We strive to support the staff in collecting, analyzing, reporting and sharing meaningful data that inform and enhance their programs, services, and physical spaces. We lead Division-level strategic planning to prioritize and align the work of our diverse units with campus-level priorities.

We support the Division in the following ways:

  • Coordinate communication of assessment activities to divisional staff
  • Provide consultation to DAE+SA units to develop and implement unit-level assessment plans
  • Disseminate relevant data and reports to Division, campus and other stakeholders
  • Coordinate requests for institutional data
  • Represent the Division on committees related to assessment, planning, institutional data, campus surveys and accreditation
  • Provide staff development, education and training
  • Provide assessment and planning resources

Assessment and Planning Essentials

Assessment is a powerful tool that enables us to determine the level of effectiveness of our programs and services. The definition of effectiveness varies by our goals. Assessment also helps us focus on continuous improvement and document data-driven decisions. Reporting assessment strategies and results can be both a formal (required) and informal (not required, but beneficial) process at UWF.

What’s required

  • Annual reports and plans: submitted to the Office of Institutional Effectiveness. More information can be found at DAESA Internal Assessment site
  • Program reviews: each unit within the Division will undergo an internal and external program review, utilizing industry-specific professional standards, at least every seven years.

What's beneficial

Assessment is helpful for unit leaders to establish common goals and set unit priorities. Samples of assessment strategies are provided on the DAESA internal assessment website.

Assessment Cycle

Assessment is an iterative process which provides useful feedback about who, what and how well stakeholders engage with our units and the effectiveness of our programs and services related to the unit’s mission, as well as the mission of UWF, and DAESA.

We use assessment to answer some simple questions:

  • What is it that we do?
  • Why do we do it?
  • How well do we do it?
  • How do we know that we do it well?
  • What improvements and changes do we make from what we learn?
  • Do the improvements work?

DAESA Internal Assessment Site

Guiding Documents

In addition to the internal site, the following documents and resources are used in the Division's assessment cycle.

Contact Us

Assessment and Planning functions for the Division are overseen by Lauren Loeffler. She coordinates efforts and serves as the division liaison to UWF’s Office of Institutional Effectiveness.